The Best Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

With great power comes great expense

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If you’ve made it to a certain stage in the game, your assortment of Silver Weaponry probably aren’t cutting it anymore. If that’s the case, prepare to start stockpiling Iron and Silver Ingot and Gold because the best weapons will cost you a pretty penny to purchase and enhance. Here are the best weapons in Fire Emblem Engage.

The Best Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

This list will only be looking at weapons that normal units can use, not weapons granted when your unit is using an Emblem Ring. It will also be divided in alphabetical order, going from Arts, Axes, Bows, Knives, Lances, Staves, Swords, and Tomes. If you have a particular weapon you’re looking for, use Ctrl+F and the phrase “Best [weapon] in Fire Emblem Engage” to jump right there.

Now, let’s get into the best killing instruments money can buy. And, spoilers, the answer is almost always a Legendary Weapon with its own special name and requires an S-Tier proficiency to wield.

The Best Arts in Fire Emblem Engage

The preferred weapon of hand-to-hand fighters. Only one Art is worth the significant benefit it costs to upgrade fully. And that’s the Divine Fist Art. This scroll ensures that if a user initiates combat, they can attack twice.

Divine Fist Art117510121

You can obtain Divine Fist Art by reaching Donation Tier Level 5 with Brodia.

The Best Axes in Fire Emblem Engage

If your unit enjoys smashing its enemies to bits, then the powerful heavy weapon that is the Axe is surely ideal. There are two options to consider: Fragarach and Ukonvasara.

Both Fragarach and Ukonvasara are legendary axes, but Ukonvasara can’t follow up or strike first if initiating combat. A fair trade, considering its might.


Ukonvasara can be obtained from an enemy in Chapter 24.

Fragarach can be obtained by reaching Donation Tier Level 5 with Solm.

The Best Bows in Fire Emblem Engage

The ideal long weapon to clip the wings of any winged horses or wyverns in the vicinity. There’s only one bow that is a must for your Sniper or other Bow-user: Lendabair. This is a bow wielded by legends and, as you might expect, it’s effective against flying units.


Lendabair can be obtained from an enemy in Chapter 24.

The Best Knives in Fire Emblem Engage

Knives are the weapon of choice for stealthy fighters who enjoy inflicting poison on their enemies, and there are two that reign supreme: Carnwenhan and Cinquedea.

Carnwenhan is actually technically a short sword classed as a knife, but we won’t hold that against it. It smashes and poisons the foes it hits but can’t follow up or strike first if initiating contact. Essentially, it’s an axe for units with knife proficiency.

Cinquedea, on the other hand, is just a legendary throwing knife that is capable of poisoning foes.


Carnwenhan is obtainable after defeating one of the Corrupted in Chapter 21.

Cinquedea can be obtained by defeating an enemy in Chapter 25.

The Best Lances in Fire Emblem Engage

Ideal against swords, lances are balanced weapons that stride the line between power and weight. There are two ideal candidates: Brionac and Venomous.

Brionac is a lance of legend, capable of striking close or at range.

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Venomous is a legendary lance that resembles a combination of an axe and a knife. It smashes and poisons the foes it hits (hence the name), but it can’t follow up or strike first if its user is initiating combat. Again, fair trade for how brutal that might is.

 Brionac 17700171-2

Brionac is obtainable by defeating a particular Corrupted in Chapter 22.

Venomous is obtained by completing Donation Level 5 with Firene.

The Best Staves in Fire Emblem Engage

Staves are the go-to weapon of choice for the healer on the go, capable of both mending wounds and offering a few debuffs. But the best staves are the ones that keep your team alive and offer support. Hence the title goes to: Nodus and Fortify.

Nodus sets all allies’ engage meters to max(!!), giving them the opportunity to immediately use their Emblem Rings again. Fortify recovers HP for all allies within a 5-space radius.

But!! We’re still uncertain on how to get Fortify. So, until that information is revealed, the title of best Staff goes to Rescue.

Rescue is a staff that allows you to teleport a faraway ally to an adjacent space.


Rescue can be found in Chapter 13 by having one of your units visit the house on the bottom left side of the screen. The villager will reward you with this staff. It can then be found again in Chapter 21 in the top left treasure chest.

Nodus can be obtained by reaching Donation Tier 5 with Elusia.

The Best Swords in Fire Emblem Engage

Is it really a Fire Emblem game if someone isn’t wielding a sword? The answer is no. In this case, the best possible sword for someone to swing around is: Caladbolg and Georgios.

Caladbolg is a legendary sword famous for its great power. And it does indeed pack a punch.

Like many other legendary weapons on the list, Georgios is a blade that smashes foes. But it can’t follow up or strike first if initiating combat. And like the previous weapons with similar debuffs, it offers terrifying might to balance things out.


Caladbolg is obtainable after defeating Zephia in Chapter 21.

Georgios can be obtained by defeating Zephia in Chapter 23.

The Best Tomes in Fire Emblem Engage

I’ll admit, I’m partial to tome users. Something about sniping an enemy with a flash of thunder or a blaze of fire seems so satisfying. There is an assortment of great Tomes to choose from, including: Nova, Meteor.

Nova is a powerful tome that allows a user to attack twice if the user initiated combat.

Meteor is a long-range magic tome that can’t be used at a shorter range. But its long range is long.


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