Best Emblem Ring Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

Real gamers pick their Ring pairings based purely on aesthetics

Fire Emblem Engage has brought a new mechanic to the franchise: Emblem Rings. These rings are imbued with the powers of heroes of yore who once saved their own planets from near disaster. Now, they’ve come to bless Alear and friends with their unique skills. But there are only 12 (or 14 if you have the DLC) Emblem Rings available and 36 playable characters. So, what are the best Emblem Ring Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage?

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Best Emblem Ring Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

First things first. Each Emblem Ring is unique, and none seems tailor-made to one unit. This list is compiled with consideration as to the best units Fire Emblem Engage has (assuming they’ve been promoted to an Advance class and are prepared for end-game), and the Emblem Rings which offer the most synergy and utility to those units.

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Of course, your mileage may vary. All players bring their own unique playstyle to the game and will find they prefer certain builds over others.

BylethAlearPersonally, I think of Byleth as my exp and gold farm, with the skills Mentorship and Lost & Found. But Byleth also has practical utility.  

Alear is by far the best unit to use Byleth with because of Byleth’s Engage Attack, Goddess Dance. Goddess Dance is influenced by the class that uses it. Dragon users can grant +3 to all targets’ basic stats for 1 turn and grants another action to all adjacent allies. This allows your wearer to essentially be a more efficient Dancer. Fantastic if you don’t mind your Divine Dragon playing support.
CelicaCeline, Lindon, Anna, IvyCelica is the absolute best Emblem Ring to use on whatever Sage (or in the case of Celine, Vidame) is your favorite. I highly prefer Anna due to her growth stats, and Ivy makes a better Lindwurm. Lindon is also an acceptable option.

Celica is the best for these units for Sages because she increases Tome damage and has the ability to use Warp Ragnarok, an ability that compensates for the lack of movement sage offers.
CorrinMerrin, Hortensia, Goldmary, Chloe, VeyleEmblem Ring Corrin is a strange ring indeed. It prioritizes HP and first attacks, offering debuffs to enemies if you initiate combat. That makes movement-based units who can take a hit or two ideal.  

What makes Corrin complicated is her Dragon Vein utility, which is good in theory but situational. If you’re attempting to use Dragon Vein often, you’ll want a Dragon like Alear or Veyle, as they’ll be able to select whatever tile-type they like. But for practicality’s sake, high movement units are more ideal.
EdelgardIvy, Hortensia, DiamantEdelgard offers a significant amount of utility, as you might expect from an Emblem you paid $30 for.   But this Emblem Bracelet works best on a unit that you know will be flying (like Ivy or Hortensia), or a unit that will be able to take the best advantage of the Emblem Bracelet’s Strength and Dexterity boost (Diamant).
EirikaRosado, MauvierEirika Emblem Ring is a fantastic ring for both calvary and lance-using units. This ring particularly emphasizes Avo+ at the cost of Critical hits. A fair trade, if it means keeping your unit alive and letting them continuously poke at the enemy from different angles.

For that reason, the highly mobile units Rosado and Mauvier benefit the most. But Roasdo is the more natural of the two and the one who is more likely to need the Dodge +30, +30 Avoid, and the chance to take 5 less damage. Mauvier, as a Royal Knight, is far more capable of tanking a hit.
IkeDiamant, Panette, SaphirEmblem Ring Ike is there for units who want to take a lot of hits and stay up. It’s essentially the combination of Roy and Leif, but its bonuses skew towards Axe, which grants +10.   For that reason, you’ll want to focus on units that you want to soak up damage, like Diamant and Saphir, and units that use axes like Paentte.   
LeifSaphir, YunakaWhile Roy’s Emblem Ring wants you to tank a hit with your face, Leif is there to reduce the amount of damage you take and punish the enemy for even trying.  

For that reason, the synergy works best for units with good defenses or units with high avoid that can take advantage of Leif’s counter-attack gambit.
LucinaAlcryst, Fogado, Anna, LindonLunina’s Emblem Ring is all about cooperation and keeping its wearer close to its allies, which makes it best on units in the backline. And while there are plenty of Bow bonuses, they all skew towards Avoid. And since your unit is likely in the backline, it’s unlikely to really benefit from this.  

Unless it’s on Cupido, of course, who will take advantage of the Avoid+ bonuses at the sacrifice of the cooperative bonuses. Sages will receive the cooperative bonuses but lose the Avoid bonus.   
LynAlcrystNo one’s surprised to see these two paired up, I’m sure. Lyn is our resident archer that synergizes well with units with high speed.   Alcryst, an already great unit, has good speed growth rates and can take advantage of Lyn’s Alarcity skill, which allows him to attack twice.
MarthAlear, Kagetsu, YunakaMarth’s Emblem Ring is given to us first for a reason. This is one of the most straight-forward and versatile rings of the bunch, benefitting a wide variety of units and classes.

Thus, you can’t really go wrong with who you put it on. It can suit a Swordmaster, like Kagetsu, or it can go equally well with a tank like Diamant who will be able to take a hit but heal and keep going. Or you can put it on Yunaka and ensure she never sees her own blood spilled.  
MicaiahAnna, Pandreo, IvyMicaiah is our healer ring and works best on whoever you intend to keep your party alive with. Anna and Ivy both have healer utility (and Anna makes a good High Priest) but when you find Pandreo he’s already classed as such.
RoyDiamant, Louis, Saphir, PanetteEmblem Ring Roy is designed to do one thing: take a beating and refuse to die. His skill Hold Out ensures that the unit getting slapped around will stay up and his Sword Power increases Atk at the expense of Avoid.

For that reason, he’s best on characters who are meant to take abuse, like Successeur Diamant or General Louis.
SigurdFogado, LouisSigurd’s Emblem Ring is all about movement and works well with Cupido Fogado or Great Knight Louis. Sigurd’s Emblem allows these units to come in close, deal devastating damage, then quickly retreat.
TikiAnna, AlearTiki is a fantastic Emblem because of her ability to pass on significant skill boosts and stat growth. For that reason, she works fabulously on the Divine Dragon, who you want to have the highest survivability possible.   But high Luck is also a Boon on Anna, who can single-handedly keep your treasury stocked with Make a Killing.

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