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Does Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Have Controller Support? – Answered

Can you play this mobile retelling of Final Fantasy VII with a controller?

Final Fantasy fans love anything revolving around FFVII, and it looks like Ever Crisis is here to tell another alternate version of the original story. Featuring some of the most adorable renditions of the FFVII crew to date, this exciting mobile game brings plenty of action to the little screen. But, if you’re hoping to ditch the touch controls and play this like a console experience, can you make that happen?

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Does FFVII Ever Crisis Support Controllers On Mobile? – Answered

Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to get into the action with your favorite mobile controller, you’re going to be out of luck. There is currently no controller support, regardless of the platform that you choose. However, if you do have a mobile controller like the Razer Kishi 2, you may be able to use Screen Mapping software to help you navigate throughout the world.

This is something that you should try at your own risk, however. While there have been no reports of banned users, games like Genshin Impact on Android can detect if you are using third-party software to “manipulate” the game, and could ban your account from playing again. From personal experience, I have used a Razer Kishi 2 with my Google Pixel 6 to play Genshin Impact using the built-in software/screen mapping that they offer, and my account has not been banned.

Since the game has just been released, there is a chance that we could see controller support added in the future, but we’ll just need to wait it out until that happens. As we mentioned, software mapping will allow you to add buttons, but the risk of a ban may not be worth it for every player. However, if you’re hoping to get some help finding out which story chapters are making their way into this mobile gacha game, be sure to check out our Ever Crisis section below to get plenty of tips and tricks to help you on your adventure.

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