Can Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Be Played On PC?

Is there a PC version of a brand new Final Fantasy VII game?

Can Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Be Played On PC

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis has arrived to the delight of fans of one of the most legendary video games ever. The classic JRPG from 1997 spawned a whole universe of additional spin-off games, movies, and other media. Ever Crisis will try to pack it all into one title under the “Another possibility of a Remake.” tagline. So, is this brand-new Final Fantasy VII game also available on PC? Let’s find out.

Is There a PC Version of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis?

There is no official PC version of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, nor does it seem to be planned. This mobile free-to-play title was released on September 7 for iOS and Android platforms only. For now, there are no plans for a PC version of the game nor a version for PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch consoles.

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Can You Play Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis on PC?

There is no legitimate way to play iOS and Android games on PC, even if they are free. You would need an emulator and Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis mobile version to run on a PC. For legal reasons, we cannot provide you with a link to the emulator, APK files, or any instructions related to the same, but if you look for them yourself, remember two things – we did not send you, and you are doing it at your own risk.

The closest you can get to playing it on your PC is to cast your picture from an iOS or Android device to your TV or monitor. The only downside – Ever Crisis, at least for now, doesn’t have any support for gamepad controls, so it really wants you to play it on the mobile device’s screen. Of course, all this can be changed in one of the subsequent updates.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available now for all Android (at Google Play Store) and iOS (at Apple App Store) devices.

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