Does Dead Space Remake have any Cheat Codes? - Answered - Prima Games

Does Dead Space Remake have any Cheat Codes? – Answered

Can you cheat your way out of this cosmic horror?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Does Dead Space Remake have any Cheat Codes - Answered

In the olden days of gaming, cheat codes used to be an integral part of many titles, but over time, like many other artifacts of the retro gaming era, they disappeared almost completely. Why that’s the case is a topic for another discussion, but for now, we’re here to find out if the new Dead Space Remake has cheat codes like the original 2008 release.

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Does Dead Space Remake have any Cheat Codes?

So, are there cheat codes in the new Dead Space Remake? The answer is – well, no. There are no cheat codes that you can enter to get any kind of advantage in this single-player survival horror game.

It is a bit strange that the original from 2008 had as many as eight different cheat codes, and although the 2023 remake has remained as consistent as possible with the original in terms of content, cheat codes from the old game no longer work – nor have new ones been added. Bummer.

In case you are wondering about the original Dead Space (2008) cheat codes and what they were, you can check them in the list below:

  • X, X, Y, Y, Y – Refills your Oxygen
  • X, Y, Y, X, Y – Refills your Stasis and Kinesis energy
  • Y, X x3, Y – Extra 2 Nodes
  • Y, X, Y, X x2, Y, X x2, Y, X x2, Y – 5 Extra Nodes
  • X x3, Y, X – 1000 credits
  • X x3, Yx2 – 2000 credits
  • X x3, Y, X, Y – 5000 credits
  • X, Y x3, X x2, Y – 10000 credits

Codes are for Xbox 360 / PC version. For PlayStation, just replace X with the Square button, and Y with the Triangle button.

To use these cheats, you need to pause the game and just enter those button combinations. Some of the cheats can be used only once, while some can be used repeatedly. Again, the cheat codes listed above will work only in the original Dead Space, not in the new Remake.

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