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Does Atomic Heart have Denuvo? – Answered

Robots also need protection

by Patrick Souza
Atomic Heart Denuvo

Mundfish’s newest FPS-action-RPG game Atomic Heart has been receiving some mixed feedback so far (see our take on it right here), but there’s still a lot of charm to find in these robots, and people would like to give the title a chance now that it’s finally out. But when it comes to the PC port, something important to notice is if the title does or does not have Denuvo in it.

The anti-tempering feature is currently the most reliable method of avoiding getting your game cracked in the first few weeks, so many companies have opted to include it in their games, despite some tests claiming that it affects performance in some cases. Will Atomic Heart be another title including it?

Will Atomic Heart Include Denuvo? – Answered

Atomic Heart does have Denuvo included in it. You can check it by yourself by peeking at the right corner of the game’s Steam official page. This doesn’t mean that the game will definitely have stuttering problems on PCs as it’s not always the case, but it assures that the game won’t be distributed illegally so soon.

But well, that technically kinda already happened. A seemly early dev build for Atomic Heart has been circulating through the internet for some time, but we don’t know if that version is actually functionally playable or not, and the official release is still well guarded behind iron walls. It ended up showcasing some of the game’s features before its actual release.

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There should definitely be some missing features and maybe a few bugs when compared to the official release too, so it might just be better to get the whole game or just get an Xbox Game Pass subscription, as the game is also available as a day-one-access title. That Denuvo protection won’t be going anywhere soon, especially when people involved in the piracy scene are still occupied with jailbreaking that famous wizard game.

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