Do You Need to Have Finished Resident Evil 4 to Play the Separate Ways DLC? – Answered

When can/should you start the Separate Ways DLC in the RE4 Remake?

Resident Evil 4 has officially launched its Separate Ways DLC, giving gamers a chance to experience what Ada Wong was up to off-screen during the events of the 2023 survival horror remake. For players who haven’t yet explored the latest Resident Evil title, some have questioned whether they can immediately start Separate Ways before playing through the story mode, or if it is necessary to finish the main game first. Let’s delve into to this subject and answer that question, as we examine the requirements and recommendations for playing Resident Evil 4 – Separate Ways.

Can You Start Separate Ways Without Beating RE4?

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Yes, technically, you can play Separate Ways before finishing the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Since it is paid $9.99 DLC, you are not prohibited from starting Separate Ways if you haven’t yet finished the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s campaign.

However, we can’t stress enough that doing so would be a mistake, as Separate Ways is significantly shorter than the story mode of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, but has many plot spoilers that could (potentially) ruin your enjoyment of the main game. Simply, you should not start Resident Evil 4 – Separate Ways DLC until you have completed the story once. If you are having difficulty getting through the story of Resident Evil 4, then you can always decrease the difficulty, or look up some of our helpful Prima guides.

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How to Start the Separate Ways DLC in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Starting the Separate Ways DLC is done by purchasing and downloading the DLC (on either PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S). Once you have installed Separate Ways, you can start the DLC from the main menu of Resident Evil 4. For console players, make sure you have downloaded the correct DLC for the required platform, as PS4 and Xbox One versions of Separate Ways won’t work on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S (and vice versa).

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