Do Non-Active Party Members Gain EXP in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

Do your non-active friends still get EXP?

A Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth screenshot of Kiryu kicking an enemy while Dragon Resurgence is active.
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As your party begins to swell with new characters to choose from, you’ll want to ensure that the ones left behind aren’t neglected, either. Do non-active party members gain EXP from battles in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, or do we need to grind once again?

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Can Non-Active Party Members Level Up in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

Even if you decide to put someone on the sidelines for the time being, you’ll be glad to know that they can still rack up experience points, even if it is at a slightly lowered rate. As you play through Infinite Wealth, you’ll notice that most characters gain EXP at an x1.0 multiplier, while characters that are not currently active in the party will earn EXP at an x0.7 multiplier.

You can ensure that they’re still leveling up alongside your main party, but they may be a few levels behind if you don’t occasionally swap them into the fight to do some damage of their own. There are a few items that you can find throughout the world that can help them keep up the pace, as well.

There are a few particular pieces of gear that you can have equipped for your party to gain extra EXP. For example, as shown in the picture above, items like the Ankle Weights can be equipped for party members who aren’t currently in your Party to keep the experience bubble slightly less apparent. I took both Ankle Weights and equipped them to a non-available party member, and they went from their standard x0.7 to x0.8 multiplier, so while not massive, it helps keep things a bit more even.

If you want to keep things as even as possible, however, just swap between two party members to keep the EXP flowing. Visit some dungeons if you’ve noticed that your party has a large discrepancy between their levels, and you’ll be ready to take on anything that the game can throw your way.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth section below to learn more about the game, and see why we think it’s a contender for GOTY 2024 already.

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