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Disney Dreamlight Valley: With Great Power Quest Guide

I misused my power to solve obvious puzzles and now my uncle is dead :(

by Lucas White

Merlin sends you out on a bunch of nonsense fetch quests, and this one is a doozy. For some reason you’re out here helping Ursula out, but who cares about doing jobs for villains when there are vegetables to be harvested? With Great Power has you solving a series of silly riddles, and it may or may not be easier to just read the solutions here. Spider-Man isn’t involved as far as I know.

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To kick things off Ursula gives you a key, which you just need to take a few feet over in a corner on the beach. There’s some ruins up against the wall behind some trees and stuff, with a pedestal for the key. This opens up a cave that has you solving riddles to break magic barriers.

The first puzzle is a matter of matching colors. You need a Garnet, Aquamarine, and a Peridot to get past this one. Easy enough!

The next one needs you to plant some vegetables. You can see the plots in front of the statues by the second barrier. If the hints elude you, you’ll need a carrot, tomato, and wheat seed to progress. Make sure to wait until the plants are done and the barrier is down before you harvest them.

After that, it’s smooth sailing. The next puzzle is to simply use those veggies to make Veggie Pasta, the recipe for which is hidden in the big rock right next to the cave stove thing. Eat it to open the final barrier, then use the ol’ fishing rod to yank the Orb of Power out of the water. The end.

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