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Did Discord Change its Font? – Answered

Are you seeing things?

by Matt Vatankhah

If you’ve woken up and checked your Discord recently, you may have found yourself squinting at some of the characters on your screen. No, you’re not still asleep, and you can stop rubbing your eyes now. Through a continuous effort to improve its user-experience, Discord has been introducing new changes and features for a long time now, like better streaming and audio quality, group activities, further customization, and more. Today, there’s something a little different about it. So, did Discord change its font? We’ve got the details below.

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Did Discord Change its Font? – Answered

Discord revealed that it would be changing its old “Whitney” font into the new and improved “gg sans” font a few days ago, and it seems that the change has taken effect. Though, not every user is happy about the subtle differences, as shown in a Reddit thread by user /u/Emdoray. While some users aren’t too bothered by the change, others are actually experiencing eye-strain due to the slightly-squished and taller characters, like quotation marks and parentheses.

Tweet via @runtelol on Twitter

Hopefully Discord will hear the complaints of those having a tough time and introduce an option to swap back to its Legacy font. Honestly, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t offer the option, as Discord seems to strive for stellar user-experiences and customization.

In the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be any official way to use the classic font, though Reddit user /u/nice__username seems to have found a workaround in this thread. Though, we must warn – this involves modifying the program’s javascript and shouldn’t be messed with haphazardly.

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Are you doing what you can to avoid eye contact with Discord until it’s changed, or is the new font too subtle a change for you to notice or care? Let Discord know how you feel through their official Feedback page – with enough (constructive) commotion, they just may listen.

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