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How to Use Discord Voice Chat on Xbox

It's finally available!

by Nikola L

The most popular voice communication app in the gamer world is now finally usable on Xbox. Xbox users have wished for Discord on their beloved consoles for so long, and this wish has now come true – the wait was worth it, even though the setup process is not as simple as you may think. Here’s how to use Discord voice chat on Xbox.

How to Install Discord on Xbox

The first prerequisite is that you must be a part of the Xbox Insider Program (so that you can have the Xbox Insider Bundle installed). If you’re not a part of the program, do not worry, it has been said that Discord will soon™ be available for everyone on Xbox.

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The second thing that’s necessary is that you link your Xbox Account and Discord. To do this, press the Xbox button on the controller and open the “Parties & Chats” menu. From there, you will see a “Try Discord Voice on Xbox” option at the bottom.
Now, you will need to scan your QR code, which will initiate the sign-up process. Follow this until they’re linked.

When done, you can start using the Discord voice chat. All you have to do is to log in to Discord from your mobile phone (Android and iOS) and join the Voice Channel that you want to use. You will see the “Join on Xbox” option which will start the Xbox app on your phone and allow you to press “Transfer Audio” which transfers the call to your Xbox console.
It’s possible to right-click the channel from your PC version of Discord and click the “Transfer to Xbox” option, but it just leads you to your mobile app anyway.

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“Overlay”, “Mute my mic”, “Deafen”, and “Switch to game chat” are just some of the options available right now.

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