Diablo 4 Inscribe Wood Rite of Passage Mission

Diablo 4: What Should you Inscribe on the Wood in Rite of Passage Mission? – Answered

Burn it all away

Throughout the beginning of Diablo 4, you will make your way into Nevesk, meet some crazed villagers and, alongside Lorath Nahr, venture to Kyovashad. However, before entering this city, you will have to participate in a cleansing ritual, prompting you to write about sins troubling you before burning the wood. It is an interesting situation that sparks a big question: What sin should you choose? Is there a correct answer, or should you ignore it and pick a random one? If you’re still curious, continue reading to find out what you should inscribe on the wood during the Rite of Passage mission in Diablo 4.

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What Should you Inscribe on the Holy Cedar Wood Tablet in Diablo 4?

When you begin the Rite of Passage cleansing ritual, you will find five options for what to inscribe on the wood:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Greed
  • Nothing but scribbles

While it may sound like there is a right or wrong answer here, the truth is that there is not. You can pick any option you would like, including the last one if you think this whole situation wastes your time without experiencing any negative repercussions later. If a particular one speaks to you, though, you are more than welcome to pick it.

Wood Inscription Options Diablo 4
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Honestly, I picked the last one to see what’d happen, and I was even worried my character would take damage or die instantly. That didn’t happen, though.

As well, just be careful with which you choose since your decision is final and you cannot go back and change it!

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Does Your Holy Cedar Tablet Inscription Affect Gameplay in Diablo 4?

Although this may sound like your choice has zero impact on the game, this is not entirely true. The sin you choose, or lack thereof, determines how Lorath Nahr will greet you once you enter the city. He will briefly reference your choice before moving on to the situation at hand.

Although this is mostly a one-off interaction, it is a neat little detail to appreciate. Generally speaking, though, your choice doesn’t make any major gameplay changes. While I won’t give any story spoilers, I can confirm through playing multiple characters that you won’t notice any massive differences outside of this interaction.

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