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Can you Pet the Dog in Diablo 4? – Answered

All dogs go to heaven. No, wait...

by Patrick Souza
Can you Pet the Dog Diablo IV featured

You know exactly why you are here. You are also thirsting for the forbidden knowledge. The ancient question that shall be answered in each interactive game ever bestowed with the chance to exist in this fleeting plane of existence. Good boys do not like pets. They need pets. It is just as natural as the day-and-night circle. 

The question shall now be answered for the ARPG Diablo IV. Can accomplish your duty as a good citizen and pet your little buddy in this god-forsaken game?

Can You Pet the Dog in Diablo 4? – Answered

And the answer is… yes, you can pet the dog in Diablo IV. Lilith might be the daughter of Hatred herself, but even she would not forbid us from telling the good boy that he is a good boy. 

Can You Pet the Dog Diablo Iv
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can do it by approaching a dog and opening your actions wheel (E on the keyboard or the up arrow in controllers) to use the “Hello” emote in front of it. For some strange reason, those fluffy black dogs in cities would never let me pet them, and I only managed to do it with a different dog I could not find in Kyovashad. It might be there, but I did not see it anywhere.

Anyways, I tried petting other animals and had no success, so it seems that only a few selected dogs can be petted at the current Beta test. This might change in the future (and it BETTER change. Who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to pet ONLY certain dogs and leave all of the other cute critters behind?).

So in resume, it is time to go and try petting all of the dogs you can in this world, because we know that getting rid of Lilith and her followers will not do a thing. But naming the REAL good boy might actually do something.

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