Diablo 4: Flesh Rending Aspect Effects and How to Get

Corpses for essence.

Flesh Rending Aspect Diablo 4
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Necromancers have access to some fantastic armor effects in Diablo 4, and one of the best options for resource regeneration is the Flesh Rending Aspect. In this guide, I will go over the effects of the essence-based aspect and where you can find it within the map of Sanctuary.

Where to Find the Flesh Rending Aspect in Diablo 4

The Flesh Rending Aspect can be earned by completing the Nostrava Deepwood dungeon found in the Fractured Peaks region. This dungeon is on the western side of the Fractured Peaks. You can easily reach the dungeon by heading to the Nostrava Stronghold Waypoint and then heading north.

Flesh Rending Aspect location.
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Like any other standard dungeon in the game, you must reach the end of the area by defeating a major boss or taking out designated Elites. Either way, completing the Notrava Deepwood dungeon will reward you with the Flesh Rending Aspect as part of your Diablo 4 Codex of Power.

Diablo 4 Flesh Rending Aspect Effect

This Aspect is for the Necromancer class only, so don’t expect to get any use out of this on other classes. With that said, the Flesh Rending Aspect is based on essence gains. After Decompose spawns a corpse, you will gain [10-20] essence at a time. Of course, this is an Aspect suited for Necromancers that are using Corpse spawns as one of the class pillars.

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To easily find the Flesh Rending effect, you can open up the Codex of Power and sort by Necromancer or Resource. The Aspect will appear in both of these categories and you can apply it to any equipment need. Because it’s a smaller buff, I recommend applying it to an armor piece.

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