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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in Jericho

by Josh Hawkins

In Jericho, the next chapter in Detroit: Become Human, a newly risen Markus must find his way to the Android haven known only as Jericho. There are a few puzzles you’ll need to solve along the way but getting 100% completion in Jericho won’t be that difficult. There’s also only one ending to worry about here so the chapter itself is fairly linear. Here’s everything you need to know to get 100% in Jericho and sort things out in Detroit: Become Human.

Unlike previous chapters, Jericho doesn’t rely on decisions or outcomes you’ve had in other chapters. It is a very linear experience, so you should be fine, so long as you pay attention for the small options, and make sure to grab them along the way.

Jericho – 100% Completion

Completing Jericho isn’t hard as this particular chapter is very linear. While you’re completing the chapter and looking for the clues to find Jericho, look around for items like magazines and points of interest. As far as endings go, this chapter also only has one ending, so you won’t need to worry about replaying it again once you finish—or going back and replaying and previous chapters to change the outcome.

The biggest things to look out for at the On the Run, Fortune Teller, Android Astronauts magazines, which are scattered around the level. These are often on the ground, tables, or on barrels, so keep an eye out. They’re very easy to miss, and you’ll need to read all of them if you wish to 100% the flowchart in this chapter.

Aside from the magazines, all of the options that you’ll find along your flowchart in Jericho can be met by simply playing through the chapter and completing it. This should easily result in 100% completion of the chapter, which means you can move on to the next chapter of the story without any kind of issues or replays.

Jericho – All Endings

There is only one ending you need to worry about in Jericho. Here’s how to get it.

Met People of Jericho

The only ending in Jericho can be obtained after you make your way through the level. Find all of the clues and cross the crane over to the boat. From here, head down into the ship with the flashlight and look around until you reach a dimly lit room. Here the catwalk will collapse, and Markus will fall into a room with several other androids.

Welcome to Jericho. If you paid attention throughout the chapter, you should have found all of the secrets in the chapter and walked away with 100% completion. Congratulations. You can continue on to the next part of our walkthrough, The Nest, or return to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more strategy driven content like this.

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