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Destiny: The Taken King – Voidwalker, Sunsinger and Stormcaller Subclass Quests

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome, Guardian! This Prima Games feature will walk you through the Warlock subclass quests in Destiny: The Taken King, specifically Voidwalker, Sunsinger and Stormcaller. While completing these quests results in a reward, you cannot claim it until the expansion releases on September 15, 2015. For this reason, we strongly advise you to wait until launch to finish them all.

When you’re ready, visit our Taken King Walkthrough and Guide, which contains these articles and more. 

Path of the Voidwalker Quest 

Kick things off by heading to the Tower, then going to the Hall of Guardians and visiting the Warlock Vanguard Ikora Rey. Make sure you equip the Voidwalker subclass to receive the quest. It’s important you do this, because if you show up with Stormcaller or Sunsinger subclasses active you will have to leave the Tower, switch and come back. Destiny load times being what they are, make sure you’re prepared ahead of time. 

Slay Enemies: Start off by killing 50 aliens using your character’s Nova Bomb, melee attack or grenade. Simply playing Destiny will allow you to quickly reach this mark, and if you want to do it a bit faster, go to the Steppes on Earth and pick on low level Fallen. 

Create Orbs of Light: With your Nova Bomb equipped, you must generate 25 Orbs and then slaughter 25 enemies with your super. If you want to finish this quickly, gather a fire team and tell the other two players to make a habit of using their supers. Collect their generated Orbs for a speedy recharge and then use your super, which in turn creates Orbs for them; and thus, the circle continues. Do this and everyone will have access to their supers most of the way. 

Complete the Path: If you play Destiny on the regular, there’s a great chance you already upgraded your Voidwalker subclass. If for some reason this has not happened yet, you must generate a ton of XP. Complete lots of Crucible and Vanguard bounties and it’ll happen eventually. 

Ikora’s Challenge: Now things get trickier. This challenge tasks you with generating seven Orbs in one blast three times. Hook up with two other players and tell them to keep an eye out for several enemies in close proximity. Your best chance is The Devil’s Lair, but this is also doable right before the boss fight against the Nexus. Safely approach all of the Vex Goblins hanging out on the cliff and use your Super to wipe them out, all of them. Now do it two more times.

Reward: Beat all of these challenges and you will receive the Voidwalker’s Bond. Since it’s level 40, you get 220 Defense. Remember, it’s best to finish when The Taken King officially debuts.  

The Path of the Sunsinger Quest 

Similar to the previous quest, accept Path of the Sunsinger from Ikora Rey in the Hall of Guardians. Make sure your Sunsinger subclass is already active before visiting the Tower. 

Slay Enemies: Kill 50 aliens using your Radiance, melee attack or grenade. Radiance is ideal because you can spam grenades for roughly 10 seconds. We took the easier route and headed to the Anchor or Light on the Moon, where several low level Fallen made completing this challenge a breeze. 

Create Orbs of Light: It’s time to use Radiance to generate 25 Orbs. Pick on weaker enemies and watch the Orbs pile up. Do this while on The Dark Beyond mission when your Guardian says, “We’ve woken the Hive!” If this proves difficult, team up with two other players and tell them to generate Orbs. 

Complete the Path: You need to complete upgrade the Sunsinger subclass. Good chance you did this long ago, but if not, equip the subclass and earn XP until it happens. Do this by turning in Vanguard and Crucible bounties, and cleaning up story missions you may have missed. 

Ikora’s Challenge: Beat a Strike and then murder 20 aliens while using Radiance. Go to Devil’s Lair and activate Radiance in the room filled with Hive and Fallen. Time it just right and you can get nearly 15 kills with one shot. Finally, tell your fire ream what you’re up to so they don’t kill too many enemies. 

Reward: Do all of these objectives and the Sunsinger’s Bond will be yours. Again, it’s a level 40-item that automatically gives you 220 Defense. Complete everything starting September 15 to ensure you receive the reward. 

Path of the Stormcaller Quest

The A Storm in the Shadow quest is exclusive to the Destiny: The Taken King DLC so we created the following walkthrough. Complete the quest to unlock the Stormcaller super ability.

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