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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get Skeleton Keys

by Prima Games Staff

The long search for that prized strike specific loot is over thanks to a new item introduced in Destiny: Rise of Iron. This new item, a Skeleton Key, is a special key that unlocks special chests at the end of strikes with strike specific loot. This allows players to pick and choose which strike specific items they want to try to get, while also still offering a challenge to players trying to get said loot. In this article we will go over Skeleton Keys in Destiny: Rise of Iron, what they are, how you get them, and why they are so important to the Destiny meta.

What are Skeleton Keys?

As we stated above, Skeleton Keys are special items which can be used to unlock chests that spawn at the end of strikes with strike specific loot. It’s a new way to go about offering up the strike specific gear for players, and it makes the process a bit less frustrating. Of course, things in Destiny must always take work, and players who wish to acquire all the strike specific loot in the game will still need to work fairly hard for it.

Getting Skeleton Keys

Now that you know what Skeleton Keys are, let’s go over how you get these new items. Skeleton Keys can best be obtained by completing strikes, either on their own, or while making your way through the strike playlists that are currently offered in the game. It is currently unclear whether the strike streak that is obtained from completing multiple strikes in a row will affect the drop rate, however, we do recommend finding a strike playlist and sticking with it as long as your inventory space allows. At this point in time the only known way to get Skeleton Keys is to complete strikes, and they also appear to fall prey to the same random number generated system that makes up the Destiny loot table. Of course, there is at least one other way to guarantee yourself a Skeleton Key.

After completing the Destiny: Rise of Iron campaign, you will receive a quest from Shiro that tasks you with completing several steps, including the Wretched Eye Strike and the new Sepiks Perfected strike. Once you have completed this questline you will receive a Skeleton Key as a reward, which you can then use on any chest at the end of any strike you complete. Now that you know how Skeleton Keys work, why not head back over to our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough for more guides, tips, and tricks.

If you follow the steps we’ve outlined above, you should be able to stock up on plenty of Skeleton Keys. Sadly, there isn’t a solid way to grind these new items out very quickly, so you’ll just have to complete strikes until you are rewarded with them. We’ll be covering the new Destiny expansion quite thoroughly in the coming days, so check back often for new Destiny: Rise of Iron content like walkthroughs, guides, and tips.

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