While we're waiting for the next Season of Destiny 2 to kick into high gear, it makes sense that people are trying to shore up their current stashes of, well, deadly weapons. Whether you're just itching to blast things to smithereens before the Trials of Osiris launch again or if you're a serious collector wanting to add to your arsenal, there's always a gun for everyone. Enter our guide on how to get the Destiny 2 Waking Vigil hand cannon. 

Destiny 2 Waking Vigil Guide - How to Get This Hand Cannon

So, you're wanting to pick up the Waking Vigil. Why do we reckon this Arc hand cannon is alright? It's got decently high damage and fires 150 rounds-per-minute. The good news with the Waking Vigil is that it's viable in both PvE and PvP depending on what you roll, but you pretty much have a surefire way of ensuring that you pick one up and that you aren't at the mercy of RNG. While this wasn't the case before the Season of Opulence, we're very pleased that Menagerie recipes have enabled us to pick up weapons like Waking Vigil without just having to cross our fingers and pray. 

The Chalice of Opulence can spit out a whole ton of cool weapons, and we actually have a full Menagerie recipe list for you that we've relinked right here in case you're wondering what it would take to pick up a weapon other than Waking Vigil. However, if this hand cannon is the only one for you, then here's what you're going to need to actually pick one up off the Chalice. We've also got recommended PvE and PvP rolls for when it actually materializes. You're going to need the following for the Chalice of Opulence to get Waking Vigil:

  • Rune of Desire in Slot 1
  • Any green Rune in Slot 2

If you're wanting to make sure that this Arc weapon kicks butt in PvP, you'll be wanting to make sure that it rolls ideally with the Opening Shot and Outlaw perks. If you're wanting to do well in PvE, you'll want the Grave Robber and Dragonfly perks. One handy tip is that all hand cannons use a Rune of Desire, so if you're wanting another weapon similar to this one that might be something that you want to keep in mind. Now that you've got our tips on how to pick up the Destiny 2 Waking Vigil hand cannon, it shouldn't be too hard for you to get one for yourself so long as you're chucking the right things into the Chalice of Opulence. 

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