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How to Get Destiny 2 Faction Rally Armor in Season 10

by Nicholas Barth

Season 10 will be here in a short amount of time when it comes to Destiny 2. This new period of content is set to add a variety of new things for players to experience and collect. One thing that players were curious about has been if the Faction Rally community activity would be making a return in this new period of content. Luckily, we have gathered together all of the information that Bungie has provided on this matter for you in one convenient location. 

Destiny 2 Faction Rally Armor Season 10

Unfortunately for fans of the Faction Rally activity, it will not be making a return in Season 10. However, the armor pieces that Guardians were able to earn from this activity are instead being moved to next season’s legendary engram pool giving players the ability still to receive all of those impressive-looking pieces of gear. A few of the most popular weapons from the Faction Rally will also be added to regular loot pol of the title for Season 10 in addition to the armor. 

 Destiny 2 Faction Rally Armor Season 10

“The reward gear hasn’t been used that much, our character cast is growing too large, and crucially, they didn’t drive a bunch of engagement with the game,” said Game Director Luke Smith regarding the decision by Bungie on how Faction Rally armor will be used going forward.

There may be some disappointed players regarding the removal of the Faction Rally community activity for Season 10. However, at least Guardians will still have the ability to earn those impressive armor pieces for use or to add to their collections. 

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