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Destiny 2 Trace Rifles Guide: List of All Trace Rifles

by Ginny Woo

There’s a ton of quests in Destiny 2 for returning and current players that require you to eliminate certain targets with certain types of weapons. Whether it’s weapons of different elements, different types of weapons, or a specific class of gun in itself, quests like these are a dime a dozen in the game. This means that it’s really in your best interest as a Guardian to acquire as many different types of weapons as you can, though this might be easier said than done for some. For those who need a specific kind of rifle, our Destiny 2 trace rifles guide might be a good place to start if you have to pick those up. 

Destiny 2 Trace Rifles Guide: List of All Trace Rifles

There are not that many trace rifles in the game, so if this is a category of weapon that you’re looking to collect then you’re in luck. There’s only 3 of them at the moment, so they should be pretty easy to snag if you want to tick some attainable targets off your Exotic list. You can pick Coldheart and Prometheus Lens up through Exotic Engrams and just hoping that they chuck you what you want. 


This is an Exotic trace rifle that shoots out a cold, fusion-powered laser as a means of attack. It benefits from the following:

  • Extended Barrel — increase the range of the weapon, decreases handling speed, controls recoil
  • Enhanced Battery — the weapon has a bigger magazine size
  • Longest Winter — it deals more damage to a target if you’re continually damaging them with it
  • Hand-Laid Stock — the weapon is more stable than others

Prometheus Lens

This is an Exotic trace rifle that does Solar damage via a heat field which gets bigger as you fire the weapon. It benefits from the following:

  • Chambered Compensator — increased stability, reduced recoil, and faster handling speed
  • Projection Fuse — increased range
  • Flame Refraction — kills with the weapon will give you some ammo back and let you fire for longer
  • Composite Stock — increases weapon stability and increases handling speed


This is another Exotic trace rifle (surprise) that fluctuates between three power levels as long as you’re firing it. It benefits from the following:

  • Polygonal Rifling — increased stability
  • Enhanced Battery — increased magazine size
  • Supercharged Battery — getting an Orb of Light gives you maximum power and automatically reloads the weapon
  • Fitted Stock — increased stability, decreases recoil, decreases handling speed
  • Kill Tracker — this tracks the enemies that you kill with it
  • Crucible Tracker — this tracks the Crucible opponents that you take down with it

Now that you have our Destiny 2 trace rifles guide in hand, you’ll be able to figure out the benefits of adding them to your collection should you get lucky with the relevant Engrams. If weapon collecting is your forte, then check out our guide to getting the famed Exotic hand cannon — Malfeasance.  

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