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Destiny 2 The Back Way Quest Guide – Leviathan’s Breath

by Ginny Woo

If you’re wanting to take a bit of a break from the Season of Dawn in Destiny 2 to get back on the weapon-hunting grind, then you could easily get cracking on finding one of the cooler weapons available in the game – Leviathan’s Breath. However, this quest involves a whole lot of navigation, so use our Destiny 2 The Back Way quest guide to avoid getting turned around on your head. 

Destiny 2 The Back Way Quest Guide – Leviathan’s Breath

Leviathan’s Breath is a coveted Void weapon that uses Heavy ammo. Sure, it’s a bow, which is cool, but what’s cooler is that its bolts result in Concussive blasts. You’ll be able to sweep most enemies off their feet here, and it’ll be especially effective when dealing with large groups. 

You’ll pick up The Back Way quest from Banshee-44 in the Tower. It’s what kicks off everything else to do with finding Leviathan’s Breath, and The Back Way is going to ask you to find Banshee-44’s secret workshop. Here are our tips on navigation:

  • Leg it to the second level of the Tower
  • Path along until you’re directly above the Hangar
  • You’ll notice some vents that you will have to clear
  • Stay on the platform and follow it into an area with a bunch of rooms
  • You’ll want to keep an eye out for shelves with a vent above them
  • Go through the vent, and you’ll hit a shaft that has a platforming puzzle scattered about
  • Take each platform carefully as a fall can be fatal 
  • Exit the top and you’ll find the workshop up ahead

Once you’ve found the workshop, you’ll be prompted to return back to Banshee-44 and to pick up the next step in the Leviathan’s Breath Exotic questline called Where Are The Keys, Sir. This will involve you killing a bunch of enemies, which we reckon is probably a little less of a headache than trying to find your way around The Tower. We also have a general guide to every quest in the chain if you need it. With our Destiny 2 The Back Way quest guide in hand, kicking off things to get this bow should be easy. Need a hand with anything else about being a Guardian? Check out the following tips and tricks:

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