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Make Bows Not War Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Quest – Exotic Weapon

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been as curious about the next big Exotic to come to town in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then you’ve likely had your eye on Leviathan’s Breath. Fresh off the assembly line this week, this particular weapon has a decently long questline with a number of tedious steps, but hey, we anything for a shiny new toy. Check out our Make Bows Not War Destiny 2 quest guide to figure out what you need to acquire this latest Exotic bow.

Make Bows Not War Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Quest – Leviathan’s Breath

The Exotic weapon that you’ll be trying so hard to nab is Leviathan’s Breath. Why are you going to want this cool bow? Well, for starters, it’s a Void weapon with Heavy ammo. Okay, maybe not super impressive on its own, but the bow can create a Concussive blast that knocks your foes over. Generally, its bolts will be capable of staggering anyone but the sturdiest of enemies. We can see this being incredibly useful in any situation requiring some crowd control. 

Make Bows Not War Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Quest – Quest Steps

In order to get the ball rolling on grabbing Leviathan’s Breath for yourself, you’re going to have to first speak to Banshee-44 in The Tower. After this, knock out the following bits of the quest chain. We’ve given you tips on completing each one!

  • The Back Way — you’re going to have to find Banshee-44’s secret workshop in The Tower after receiving some schematics. The short answer is that you’re going to want to head to the second floor and navigate to above the Hangar. A couple of hops, skips, and jumps over vents and up shelves if you follow a pretty straightforward path will bring you to an open, rust-colored shaft. Navigate upwards on the platforms to find the workshop and the weapons locker. We have a whole guide on how to find this if you need it.
  • Where Are The Keys, Sir — alas, the locker you found was locked, so you’re going to have to go back to Banshee-44 who will task you with killing a bunch of different enemies for him, amongst other mundane things that you’d do in the course of being a Guardian.
  • Intro to Safecracking 101 — here, you have to assist Banshee-44 in creating a new keycode to get to the Exotic. This will involve running Nightfall Strikes and completing Gambit Prime matches until an objective bar fills up to complete this mission. We would recommend going with Strikes as they appear to count for the most out of all the options. 
  • Advanced Safecracking 201 — Now, you have to use a Bow weapon to get final blows against Vex and Cabal enemies. You can do this on Nessus, the EDZ, or obviously in the new Vex Offensive.
  • Economics of War — you’ll be asked to complete an epic reprise of The Arms Dealer strike on the EDZ, and while you’ll be told you’re going to need at least power level 900, we would recommend getting as geared as you possibly can because this new version of Bracus Zahn is no damn joke.
  • Applied Cryptosecurity — this step is easy. You really just have to go back to Banshee-44 at his usual spot in The Tower to report on your successes, which will give you the keycode you need to get the new Bow. 
  • Martial Archery — the moment of truth! Snag your Leviathan’s Breath from the secret workshop that you labored so hard to find and feel rewarded. 

Now that you’ve got our Make Bows Not War Destiny 2 quest guide to hand, getting your hands on this Exotic rarity should be pretty easy. Need a hand with anything else on the Moon? We’ve got some tips on how to get a Cold Fusion Medal too

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