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New Destiny 2 Weapon Might Be the Best Primary In the Game With Season of Dawn

by Liana Ruppert

Lookout, Recluse, there’s a new powerful weapon in town … and by town, we mean Destiny 2. For those that have been playing Destiny 2 for quite a bit, The Recluse submachine gun has been the reigning champion of Destiny 2. It’s an incredible gun for the Crucible and ain’t too shabby in PvE either. With Season of Dawn now live, however, it looks like this primary may have just been dethroned by a sidearm. 

For those that missed it, the Recluse recently say a pretty gnarly nerf regarding the multiplier with a 20% damage buff. Since the nerf reveal, the community has been active in trying to find the next big thing, and the common consensus is that it’s Osiris’ Breachlight. 

With Season of Dawn, players are going to be all about those Obelisks when doing the new Sundial activity for Osiris now that he’s back in the picture. There are two weapons that he has to offer, one is an auto rifle and the other is the sidearm Breachlight. Not only does the Breachlight out-damage the Recluse, it also has a satisfying burst with some pretty spiffy perks available as well to make it even more powerful. 

The gun is all the talk in the message boards and one link that keeps being tossed around is a video by YouTuber ‘Ehroar.’ In the video, it’s clear that brand-new, the Breachlight is slightly less powerful than the Recluse but that quickly changes with the Multikill and Rampage perks that are available. With a killer DPS and bursts for days, the Breachlight seems to be the new crowning champ … at least until the next round of buffs and nerfs. 

Interested in learning more about the new sidearm with Destiny 2: Season of Dawn? Check out the video below for the full breakdown: 

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