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Breachlight Destiny 2 Guide – Getting this Sundial Weapon

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying cracking into what the Season of Dawn has to offer in Destiny 2, then you’re likely busy making the most out of the Sundial. You might have been after the Steelfeather repeater previously, but there’s a new sheriff in town. Here’s how to get the Breachlight Destiny 2 Kinetic weapon

Breachlight Destiny 2 Guide – Getting this Sundial Weapon

The Breachlight is a Kinetic sidearm that you might be interested in because of its Aggressive Burst perk – this lets it have a two-burst fire. Being a Sundial weapon, every other thing rolled on it is going to be random, so you’re going to have to cross your fingers that you get a good combination but it’s hard to go wrong with something like Rampage or Under Pressure considering how you’re going to want to utilize the burst fire. 

In order to get Breachlight or any other Sundial weapon, you’re going to have to run the Sundial playlist. You unlock proper use of the Sundial by knocking out the A Matter of Time quest, which we have a guide on completing. Cracking into queueing via the Sundial is going to involve knocking your way through the encounters in the Sundial, much like the Menagerie, and then taking out whichever boss you’re tasked with destroying.

Your job during the various Sundial challenges will be to net enough points for said boss to bust through the wall like the Kool-Aid man.  Killing them will ensure that you’re given a bit of a perk for what you’ve done, and one such perk is the Kinetic sidearm that you’re frothing for along with the reward we mentioned earlier – the Steelfeather repeater. It’s worth noting that the rewards are likely going to change as the Season progresses, so we’ll make sure to have guides up for other cool firearms that might get spat out by the Sundial as time goes on.

Now that you’ve got our guide on the Breachlight Destiny 2 Kinetic weapon, why not check out some other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for those wanting to help Osiris?

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