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 Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – All Fishing Locations

Dear Bungie, please remove public events so I can fish for longer

by Daphne Fama

Fishing is the best thing that’s ever happened to Destiny, and I will cry real tears when it leaves at the end of the season. But that still gives us a few months to go fishing and fill up our giant aquarium. But where are those elusive ponds? Here are all the Fishing Locations in Destiny 2.

 Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – All Fishing Locations

So, there are a grand total of three fishing locations, with one Pond spawning on each planet. Those locations are:

  • The EDZ – Outskirts
  • Nessus – Cistern
  • Savathun’s Throne World – Miasma

You can check out the maps of each of these planets to find a blue hook icon that shows the general area a fishing pond spawns. But I know I initially had trouble tracking down these ponds because they aren’t exactly where they’re marked on the map. To make things easier, I found each of their exact locations.

But note, sometimes the pond won’t be there. During Public Events, the ponds disappear. After the public events, they’ll reappear and you’ll get a notification on the left side of your screen telling you so. There will also be a beam of blue light that flags where these ponds are.

Fishing Pond Location in the EDZ

To get to the EDZ pond, load into Trostland, then take the road West. You’ll enter the Outskirts. From there, head south. There are two locations where the pond can spawn. The first is approximately above the blue hook icon. The second is a little further west, headed towards Winding Cove.

My location on the map is the most common spawn point for this pond.

Fishing Pond Location in Nessus

The second pond is on Nessus, in the Cistern. Fortunately, we have a fast travel point that puts us directly on that side of the map.

The fishing pond actually spawns pretty close to the Well of Flame, in the middle of the pond of Vex Milk. Use your sparrow to get there or you’ll get electrocuted.

My location on the map is the most common spawn point for this pond.

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Fishing Pond Location in Savathun’s Throne World

I think we can all agree that Savathun’s Throne World is the most annoying planet to navigate because of the lack of fast travel points. Load into the Quagmire, then take the path north. You’ll enter Miasma, and then you’ll only need to keep heading straight up. The pond, in my experience, is on the very top and left side of the map.

If you’re struggling to find it, just use your Sparrow the patrol the coastline. Each of these locations are pretty small. It’s also likely that if you see a large cluster of Guardians in the distance, there’s a pond they’re gathered around.

For more information on fishing, why not check out our Focused Fishing guide here? What is Focused Fishing in Destiny 2 – Answered.

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