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All Catchable Fish in Destiny 2, Listed

Who doesn't love a fish named after a gun?

by Daphne Fama

I never thought I’d say these words, but there are a lot of fish in Destiny 2, and catching them is ridiculously addictive. But how many fish are there? Here are all the collectible fish in Destiny 2.

Every Catchable Fish in Destiny 2

With the Season of the Deep update, we’ve gotten the best feature yet. Fishing. I’ve literally never cared about fishing before, but the ability to catch these little guppies and carps and put them into my massive aquarium has unlocked something feral in my brain. So, if you’re like me and really want to catch all the fishes, here are all of them listed according to rarity. And that includes exotic fish!

All Uncommon Fish in Destiny 2

  • At Least It’s a Carp
  • Chiron’s Carp
  • Hadrian Koi
  • Madrugadan Mackerel

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All Rare Fish in Destiny 2

  • Aachen Cichlid
  • Agronatlantic Salmon
  • Allegrian Jack
  • Azimuth Angelfish
  • Cod Duello
  • Cuboid Cod
  • Cup Bearer Catfish
  • Cydonian Cichlid
  • Deafening Whisker
  • Drangelfish (Baroque)
  • Galliard Trevally
  • Gnawing Hun Gar
  • Golden Trevallyhoo
  • Gusevian Gar
  • Hardcase Haddock
  • Ignition Toad
  • Koi Cirrus
  • Lamian Lobster
  • Minueting Mackerel
  • No Turning Jack
  • Salvagers Salmon
  • Servant Lobster
  • Temptation’s Haddock
  • Traxian Toad

All Exotic Fish in Destiny 2

  • Kheprian Axehead

Wow, that sure is a lot of Legendary fish. Are they really legendary if they make up half the pool? Anyway, if you want to be the most efficient fisher and reel in that Kheprian Axehead, check out our guide. It details not only what Focused Fishing is but how to best catch Exotic fish: What is Focused Fishing in Destiny 2 – Answered.

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