Destiny 2 Season 18: All New Weapons and How to Get Them

Time for plundering.

Bungie’s widely popular sci-fi looter shooter Destiny 2 just embarked on Season 18, entitled “Season of Plunder”, which introduces a variety of new activities and story content for Guardians to play through. As expected with most live-service games, the new season arrives with a batch of shiny weapons to obtain, both through its fresh Season Pass as well as normal gameplay activities that we’re familiar with. With over 20 new weapons to collect, you’ll have plenty to do for the foreseeable future if you want them all. Read on to learn of all the new weapons in Destiny 2 Season 18 and how to get them.

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Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Image via Bungie
Weapon NameTypeAmmoElementHow to Obtain
Quicksilver StormAuto RiflePrimaryKineticPurchase of Lightfall Expansion + Season Pass bundle
Delicate TombFusion RifleSpecialArcPurchase of Season Pass or Free Reward at Rank 35

Seasonal Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Weapon NameTypeAmmoElementHow to Obtain
Brigand’s LawSidearmPrimaryArcSeason Pass Reward
Blood FeudSubmachine GunPrimaryStasis
Season of Plunder
No ReprieveShotgunSpecialStasis
Season of Plunder
Tarnished MettleScout RiflePrimaryArc
Season of Plunder
Sailspy PitchglassFusion RifleHeavyArc
Season of Plunder
Planck’s StrideMachine GunHeavyArc
Season Pass
Image via Bungie

PvE Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Weapon NameTypeAmmoElementHow to Obtain
Mindbender’s AmbitionShotgunSpecialSolarStrikes
The Militia’s BirthrightGrenade LauncherSpecialKineticNightfall
Pure PoetryHand CannonPrimaryKineticStrikes
Pizzicato-22Submachine GunPrimaryKineticWorld Drop
Taipan-4frFusion RifleHeavyVoidWorld Drop
Ammit AR2Auto RiflePrimarySolarWorld Drop
Boudica-CSidearmPrimaryKineticWorld Drop

PvP Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Weapon NameTypeAmmoElementHow to Obtain
Allied DemandSidearmPrimaryKineticIron Banner
Roar of the BearRocket LauncherHeavySolarIron Banner
The InquisitorShotgunSpecialArcTrials of Osiris
Whistler’s WhimCombat BowPrimaryKineticTrials of Osiris
Out of BoundsSubmachine GunPrimaryArcCrucible
Cry MutinyGrenade LauncherHeavySolarPursuit
YesteryearPulse RiflePrimaryVoidGambit

With so many new weapons to collect, there’s no time to stall. Hop on Season of Plunder in Destiny 2 and witness the coming end of the Light and Darkness Saga.

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