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Destiny 2 Pantheon Guide: All Bosses & Rewards

Pantheon is here. Here's what you need to know...

In the most recent update, Bungie introduced one of the most challenging activities for true PvE end-game players – Pantheon. Pantheon is a gauntlet of raid bosses that increases in difficulty as players progress. And of course, the rewards are worth the grind.

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For players who are wondering what bosses they can expect in the Pantheon, and also what bosses will be present, we’ve got you covered with all the information you’ll need. Here’s everything you need to know about Pantheon in Destiny 2.

What is Pantheon in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Pantheon
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The Pantheon, introduced as part of the Into the Light update for Destiny 2, presents a limited-time endgame challenge. Players have only a limited window until the servers shut down ahead of The Final Shape expansion. This means that players have from April 30 to June 4 to complete The Pantheon and claim its rewards. So get to grinding!

The structure of Pantheon will be quite reminiscent of a Nightfall. Acquiring medals, and swiftly conquering challenges will amplify your team’s score. The score attained by your fireteam will dictate the quantity of loot you garner upon completing the encounter. Securing Platinum scores, the pinnacle achievement, not only grants Adept weapons but also high-stat armor and Spoils of Conquest. Completing the entire gauntlet affords you the opportunity to acquire a raid Exotic from Arcite 99-40 by completing the quest.

Once an activity is completed, players can rally at a flag and activate subsequent encounters. To successfully conclude the Pantheon run and fulfill Shaxx’s weekly quest, triumph over each boss encounter within the gauntlet.

All Destiny 2 Pantheon Bosses

Every week until May 21, a new boss will be added to the Pantheon gauntlet and the active power level cap for Guardians will be reduced by 5. At this time, the Pantheon will have 8 active bosses with a cap of -20 Light.

The following bosses will all appear in the Pantheon for week one:

  • Golgoroth (King’s Fall)
  • The Caretaker (Vow of the Disciple)
  • Zo’aurc, Explicator of Planets (Root of Nightmares)
  • Atraks-1 (Deep Stone Crypt)

The week one Pantheon gauntlet is Atraks Sovereign and will require you to defeat Golgoroth from King’s Fall, the Caretaker from the Vow of the Disciple, the Explicator from Root of Nightmares, and Atraks-1 from the Deep Stone Crypt.

All of these encounters will function pretty much identically to their raid counterparts, except for a few minor changes:

  • Golgoroth – Players must look out for two instances of Unstable Light per damage puddle. One player must run Unstable Light to Golgorth as per usual, and the other should head off to the side to prevent deaths. There are also more enemies present in this fight compared to the classic raid version.
  • Caretaker – The only notable difference in the Pantheon version is that the Caretaker’s missiles will now appear in the Crux rooms with runners. Also, there will be more enemies present.
  • Zo’aurc – In the Pantheon version, there are several changes to this encounter. Firstly, enemy density has been greatly increased. Also, a Tormentor will spawn after the planters have been aligned, but it will de-spawn once the boss DPS phase commences. Additional Centurions will also spawn between the two platforms on both sides of the arena. Finally, Zo’aurc will summon multiple fire tornadoes throughout the fight, and these tornadoes will mainly target plate runners.
  • Atraks-1 – In the Pantheon version, a Tormentor will now spawn in on each floor once the Servitors have been destroyed.

Destiny 2 Pantheon Rewards (Week 1)

Atraks Destiny 2
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For players who have been wondering whether or not running Destiny 2’s Pantheon is worth it, well, the rewards may help you to make up your mind.

Firstly, completing Pantheon guarantees you an array of weapons and armor from already existing raids. The loot you earn is dependent on which bosses you have to defeat on any given week.

After successfully completing each encounter in the Pantheon, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 2 Raid Weapons
  • 1 Adept Raid Weapon (Platinum score)
  • 1 Raid Armor Piece

For players who haven’t been able to complete every single raid, this gives you an opportunity to “speedrun” through multiple raids. However, instead of completing a full raid, you just have to complete the boss encounters to obtain raid-specific loot.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of completing Pantheon, comes in the form of the “Divine Weaponry” quest. When completed, this quest will reward players with one guaranteed raid Exotic. To complete this quest, simply defeat all the bosses within the Pantheon, and Shaxx will reward you with a choice of raid-exclusive Exotics.

For week one of Pantheon, here are the available Exotics from the “Divine Weaponry” quest:

  • Touch of Malice (Scout Rifle)
  • Eyes of Tomorrow (Rocket Launcher)

According to reliable data mined information, these are the raid Exotics that will be available before The Final Shape releases in June:

  • Conditional Finality (Shotgun)
  • One Thousand Voices (Fusion Rifle)
  • Collective Obligation (Pulse Rifle)

So there you have it, all the bosses and rewards that you’ll come across in Pantheon week one. We’ll be sure to update this article leading to The Final Shape as the rewards and bosses will be changing.

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