Destiny 2 Insight Terminus Strike Guide

Trying to net yourself The Long Goodbye sniper rifle? You might find our Destiny 2 Insight Terminus strike guide handy, so long as it's on rotation and you've got nothing but time.

Time for a little bit of a blast from the past in Destiny 2. Maybe you’re tired of fanning the flames of Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0 and you need a break from gunning through all of our Dawning 2019 recipes. Hell, maybe you’re tired of farming for new Exotics. Whatever it is, it can be fun to revisit stuff from the past, or if you’re a New Light player then maybe it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s how to complete the Destiny 2 Insight Terminus Strike, boss fight and all.

Destiny 2 Insight Terminus Strike Guide

If you’re after the Insight Terminus strike, it might be because you’re trying to get the Long Goodbye sniper rifle. We have an entire guide on that here, but essentially, the only way to really get it is to finish the Insight Terminus Nightfall strike when it’s up on rotation. Should this weapon be your goal, then you’re going to have a better chance at earning it (and any Nightfall drop on this list) if you’re hitting the 100,000 score threshold and doing well in each instance. 

Now, let’s crack on to actually completing the strike. It should be a piece of cake for anyone who’s been gallivanting around in Destiny 2 since its release, but if not, use our tips below for the various phases that you’re going to encounter.

  1. Defeat the Vex and Red Legion – initially, your job will be to take out Psions and other minor enemies from both factions as they kick around the strike. 
  2. Defeat Valus Pra’urg – as you progress deeper into the strike, you’ll find Valus Pra’urg who’s a miniboss. Make sure that the other enemies you’ve been fighting are your priority before take out Valus. 
  3. Survive Red Legion waves – this is just a battle of attrition where you’ll have to take out repeated waves of Red Legion enemies until Kargen shows up.
  4. Follow Kargen – push through the rest of the strike in pursuit of Kargen, taking special care to prioritize the Honored Legionaries that will rear their heads. When you find your way barred and Kargen just slips past a door out of reach, get your team to fetch orbs from the apparatus in the middle of the room that you’ve just lost him in and dunk them in the brazier-like things by the locked door.
  5. Fight Kargen – the door will open once you’ve finished the above step, and you’ll be able to kill Kargen. Head to the tractor beam of light in the ring and it’ll pull you up to the boss. Bide your time in this light until Kargen’s shield ticks down, making sure that you’re attentive to any Red Legion enemies that show up. Once Kargen isn’t in a barrier anymore, make sure that you and your Fireteam are roaming around to avoid getting hit by his ranged attacks. Whittle him down to half health and you’ll once again have to stick yourself in the light and wait for his shield to go before repeating the mechanics from above until he’s dead. Voila!

Now that you’ve got our Destiny 2 Insight Terminus Strike guide to hand, running it until The Long Goodbye drops will just be a matter of persistance. Need help with something else about being a Guardian? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together for you:

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