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Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes Listed

New day, new patch.

by Daphne Fama

Bungie’s been on an absolute roll with these patch fixes but, let’s be honest, Destiny needs it. Here are all of Destiny 2 Hotfix patch notes listed.

Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes Listed

So, if you were one of the thousands who took on the Root of Nightmares during contest mode, you likely know that Winterbite, the Lightfall Exotic Glaive, was disabled. Many of the issues surrounding Winterbite have been tackled, as well as other issues with other glaives.

Guardians will also have a larger window to give commendations to their teammates. This is excellent because I know I can’t be the only person who’s teammates don’t even load in before the window closes.



  • Root of Nightmares
  • Fixed an issue where players were being locked out of the Red Border Chest after the weekly reset.
  • Fixed an issue where Focused Light and Focused Darkness would not trigger in the Zo’aurc encounter.
  • Fixed an issue where Sunblight enemies could be damaged through their shields by The Colony Exotic Grenade Launcher.
  • Those clever little spiders have been reprimanded one more time.
  • Fixed an issue where players could equip raid mods without obtaining them first.
  • Shattered Throne
    • Fixed an issue where the dungeon node would not appear to some players.


  • Fixed an issue where Cabal Threshers were doing more damage than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the European Dead Zone node would not unlock for some players.



  • Fixed an issue where the Winterbite Exotic Glaive was benefitting from other Glaives damage increasing perks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Glaive melee feed kills where showing the projectile label.
  • Fixed an issue where the extra Arc volley granted by the Two Tailed Fox’s Exotic Catalyst was not firing properly.
  • Fixed an issue where some weapon mods were not available for some players.


  • Fixed an issue where equipping too many passive Armor Charge benefits would deactivate artifact perks.
  • Changed Empowered Finish to count as a finisher mod for purposes of mutual exclusivity. This mod can no longer be equipped alongside a finisher mod that also consumes Armor Charge stacks.
  • Having the ability to generate and spend Armor Charge stacks on the same mod was creating conditions where latency would sometimes cause the perks to activate in an incorrect order.
  • Additionally, when combined with Stacks on Stacks, Empowering Finish was circumventing the basic Armor Charge mechanics too easily, resulting in generating too many Orbs of Power, ammo bricks, overshields, etc.
  • The Untangler Artifact perk will no longer trigger melee perks.


  • Fixed the issue introduced in that reverted Mandarin voice over to English.


  • Increased the time to give Commendations to other players after finishing certain activities.
  • Moved the Legend Lost Sectors Solo and the Legend Lost Sector Solo Flawless requirements from Guardian Rank 7 to Rank 8.
  • Moved the Master Lost Sectors Solo and the Master Lost Sector Solo Flawless requirements from Guardian Rank 9 to Rank 10.
  • Note: Players will keep keep their earned progress after these Lost Sector requirements move to the higher Rank.

Good luck raiding, dungeoning, and commending, Guardian! And while you’re at it, why not check out this article on how to get the elusive Throne-Cleaver? How to Get the Throne-Cleaver and its God Roll in Destiny 2.

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