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Destiny 2 – Bright Engrams

by Josh Hawkins

Bright Engrams are a new Engram type that allows players more customization options for their Guardians. Now, the quickest way to unlock these items it to purchase them directly from the Eververse trading booth, which is located in The Farm. But, if you don’t want to pay, there are still a few ways you can obtain these items, and in this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get Bright Engrams in Destiny 2, and start earning new loot.

How to Get Bright Engrams

Bright Engrams are very much an end game feature, in fact, you won’t be able to purchase these items from the Eververse booth until after you reach Level 20, which will probably take you a little bit depending on how you play.

You can check out our guide on how to level up fast if you’re having trouble reaching that fabled end-game level.

Once you’ve hit level 20, though, and you’ve reached the “end-game” of Destiny 2, you’ll then be allowed to purchase Silver, which will allow you to buy yourself some Bright Engrams. 100 Silver is equivalent to about $1 in US dollars, and Silver can only be purchased in different predetermined package amounts. If you want to purchase Bright Engrams, you can do so in packages of 3 or 8. The 3 packages will cost around 500 Silver, whereas the 5 packages will cost you about 800 Silver apiece.

How to Get Bright Engrams Without Money

Now, if you don’t have the extra cash, or you just don’t really feel like paying money to get an Engram in Destiny 2, then there are a few other options available for you. The first option, is simply to continue leveling up beyond level 20. Unlike the first Destiny game, where players were rewarded a Mote of Light for earning enough experience to level up again beyond 20, players will actually earn a Bright Engram in Destiny 2.

This means that every time you reach a new “level” you’ll be rewarded with a Bright Engram. You can use this to your advantage by replaying Strikes, missions, and even things like the Nightfall, as that will give you experience towards hitting new levels, and unlocking more Engrams.

What Do Bright Engrams Do?

Not sure what Bright Engrams are? Well, they are basically like regular Engrams, except when decrypted they can reward you with Exotic Sparrows, Emotes, Armor Pieces, and other purely Cosmetic Items. This means you won’t be getting any kind of advantage over other Guardians who aren’t buying them, which will be a vast majority of the community. Now be sure to head back over to our Destiny 2 guide, where you’ll find all the details you need on how to get Exotics and more.