Death Must Die Update 0.6.78 Christmas Special – Full Patch Notes, Listed

Let it snow, let it snow...

Death Must Die Snowswatch Update
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Christmas Special Update has been released for Death Must Die, upgrading the game to version 0.6.78. Patch Notes are pretty scarce and non-informative, but there is new content in there, and we’ve explored everything. Here’s what’s new in Death Must Die Christmas Special Snowswatch Update.

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What is New in Death Must Die 0.6.78 Christmas Special

We weren’t joking; the official patch notes are just two sentences, so let’s break them down:

Snowswatch is Here!
Happy holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone!

When you enter the game, you will see a Snowsfather standing close to you. After engaging in a short dialogue with him, you can visit the Christmas (Snowswatch) Tree, under which you will find five presents, one for each party member. Also, mind the Christmas decorations everywhere.

Depending on how far you’ve gone in the game, you will find some items useful, but we can all agree that someone who’s just purchased Death Must Die will make great use of these items.

The items provide no cosmetic changes to your characters nor can they be sold, but luckily, additional stash slots were introduced. I reckon you should no longer have storage problems whatsoever (check out the chest seen in the right corner of the screenshot above and click on the tabs on the top of the stash). We almost reached a point where every character has their own page in the stash, so you will be able to experiment with different builds more freely.

Up next are cosmetics of the only level we can play in Death Must Die currently.

Monsters will commonly be seen wearing red winter caps (beanies), trees will have snow on their branches, and you will see a few snowflakes falling here and there. Speaking of snow, you can also make a snowman!

If you want to win without taking damage in Death Must Die, which is one of the hardest achievements in the game at the moment, we’d like to offer a helping hand.

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