Dead Island 2 Metacritic Score Revealed

Dead Island 2 Metacritic Score Revealed

Was is worth the long wait?

There’s always anticipation and hype when every big title gets close to its launch date, but what about when a game that’s been in development hell for nine years is finally coming out? Yeah, expectations are extremely high for Dead Island 2, which is arriving on April 21, 2023. How fans will receive it remains to be seen, but gaming journalists who already had access to the game published their reviews yesterday, and on the aggregator site Metacritic we have average scores for all versions – let’s check them out.

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Dead Island 2 Metacritic Score Revealed

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Dead Island 2 on Metacritic currently have an average critic score of 75. It is just one point above the thin line between the yellow (mixed) and green (positive) scores. According to 60 critic reviews, it seems that Dead Island 2 barely passes with a positive score. On the other hand, the PC version of the game got only 17 critic reviews so far and the meta-score is 74, just one point below “positive”.

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As has become common ever since we switched to next-gen systems, there are often no reviews of last-gen versions of the game on Metacritic, so the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Metacritic pages for Dead Island 2 currently do not have a single critic review, so it is not possible to form a meta-score. However, if you look at some of the next-gen reviews on other websites, the authors often mention in their next-gen reviews how the game works on last-gen systems, and there is always Digital Foundry to solve this problem.

Prima Games’ Dead Island 2 review can also be found here, where we concluded that “Dead Island 2 will certainly keep you engaged, but fails to live up to the standard set by the first entry in the series.”

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