Dave the Diver: How to Sell Items at the Cobra Shop

It's time to sell those pearls and gold.

Cobra Shop Dave the Diver
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As soon as you unlock Bancho’s Sushi restaurant in Dave the Diver, you can start selling standard food-based items, but you won’t be able to sell valuables you find in the blue hole. Cobra’s Shop is the only spot where you can sell items like Gold Bars, and I’ll explain how you can unlock the spot in this guide. Here’s how to sell items at the Cobra Shop in Dave the Diver.

How to Unlock the Cobra Shop in Dave the Diver

The Cobra Shop is unlocked by completing Where the Currents Flow in the first Chapter of Dave the Diver. For this task, I had to pick up a computer chip, a camera lens, and a motor around the 65-meter mark of the blue hole. After collecting all of these pieces around the current, and returning to the surface, I was able to speak to Cobra again.

At this point, Cobra will serve more of a purpose beyond chugging some beers on his beat-up boat and giving Dave the Diver new tasks. When you speak to Cobra, you can choose the standard dialogue, or you can open up the Cobra Shop. Here you can sell all the random items in your stash such as gold and pearls from the dolphins below.

Inside the shop, there is also an option to purchase items that are one use only. These items reset each day and include equipment like oxygen and weapon kit upgrades. Each one can only be purchased once and can’t be retained after your trip. However, they are dirt cheap and I try to pick up oxygen where I can.

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The Cobra Shop in Dave the Diver is only available on the boat in the morning or in the afternoon. So make sure to sell what you want before heading back to Bancho’s Sushi for the night.

If you don’t feel like waiting to dive once again, read through our guide on how to Night Dive in Dave the Diver.

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