Cyberpunk 2077: All Edgerunners Item Locations Guide

Here's how to get all Edgerunners Items in Cyberpunk 2077.

Custom Character posing with the David Martinez's Jacket.
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After the big hit that was the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners show, Update 1.6 was released for Cyberpunk 2077, which added numerous show references into the game. The update also introduced items into the game which originated in the anime. With the help of this guide, you will be able to find all the items from the Edgerunners show, which will allow you to take on the appearance of your favorite characters.

Where to Find All Edgerunners Items in Cyberpunk 2077

There are numerous anime-based items available, such as weapons, clothing, cyberware, vehicles, and more. You can obtain them by purchasing them from the Market Vendors or Ripperdocs, completing gigs, or finding them in a hidden location.

David Martinez’s Jacket

Custom Character wearing David Martinez's Jacket in Cyberpunk 2077
Screenshot via Cyberpunk 2077 Youtube

One of the most iconic items from the update is David’s neon yellow jacket, which he is never seen without. You can now get that jacket for your character, but you first need to complete a gig called Over The Edge.

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To get the quest started, you first need to head towards David’s apartment, located at Santo Domingo, Metro Wollesen Street. Fast travel to the Wollesen Street Metro, as shown on the map. Get off the exit and take a left, then look for a big yellow building with a 04 label on the top.

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Look for the entrance to the building. There is a small side alley with a trashcan and graffiti on the wall. Get close to the trashcan, and you will find a Braindance that will perform something familiar to fans of the series.

After watching the clip, you can contact Muamar “El Capitán” Reyes to get some information on David Martinez. He will begin scouring for the information. You will then have to wait 24 hours in-game for Falco to send you a text.

Screenshot by Prima Games

After the chit-chat with Falco, he will gift you David’s jacket that you need to pick up by going to El Capitán’s meetup location. The meetup location will be marked on the map at the dam in Rancho Coronado, where you can either drive to or conveniently fast travel.

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Head there, and you will find a suitcase with David Martinez’s Edgerunner jacket.

Rebecca’s Shotgun Guts

The second item on the list is a powerful shotgun named Guts, which belonged to Rebecca from David’s crew. This weapon seriously packs a punch and resembles the personality of its previous owner.

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You can get the weapon by heading to the City Center Corpo Plaza, where the Arasaka Tower is located.

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You will find the weapon in a bush right across the building with Militech engraved on it.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Get close to the weapon to pick it up. You will now have the iconic shotgun in your inventory.

Sandevistan Cyberdeck

Screenshot via Cyberpunk 2077 Youtube

Next on the list is the Sandevistan Cyberdeck, an Operating System equipped by David that allowed him to slow down time and get past enemies’ bullets with ease.

You can also get one for yourself by buying them from the Ripperdocs near you. Here are the locations of the Ripperdocs from where you can get some of the best Sandevistan Cyberdecks in the game:

Qiant Sandevistan Mk. 4Available for $28,000 from Ripperdoc Finn Gerstatt in Japantown.
Qiant “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan Mk. 5Available for $35,000 from Ripperdoc in Downtown, City Center.
Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan Mk. 5You can buy this Cyberdeck for $35,000 from Ripperdoc in Wellsprings.
Dynalar Sandevistan Mk. 4Available to buy from Ripperdoc Viktor Vektor in Little China for $28,000.
Dynalar Sandevistan Mk. 3Get this Cyberdeck from Ripperdoc in Wellsprings for $16,000.

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Screenshot via Cyberpunk 2077 Youtube

There are many Cyberwares available in the game which are equipped by the main characters in the Edgerunners show, most noticeably David’s Mantis Blades and Lucy’s Monowire.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Below is the list of cyberware that you can get from the Ripperdoc Clinic in Wellsprings, Heywood.

Mantis BladesFirst teased in the 2012 teaser trailer for the game, these are iconic blades integrated into the arm of David Martinez.
MonowireEquipped by Lucy in the show, she uses the wire to slash her enemies while running and jumping around them.
Gorilla ArmsGorilla Arms are used by Maine in the show, and David also wishes to be powerful enough to use them once.
Projectile Launch SystemAlso equipped by Maine, which allows him to shoot explosive rockets from his arm.
Syn-LungsDavid equips this cyberware in Episode 4 to increase his stamina regen while working to put on some chromes.
Kiroshi OpticsAll of the anime characters are equipped with Kiroshi Optics. The best one to get is the Kiroshi Optics Mk. 3 from Victor in Little China.
Netwatch NetdriverCharacters like Lucy and Kiwi use these to hack the devices around them. You can also buy one called Netwatch Netdriver Mk. 5 for $43,750.


Screenshot by Prima Games

There are also a select few Edgerunners’ vehicles that make an appearance in the game.

  • Rayfield Caliburn (Black) – This car is driven by Jimmy Kurosaki. You can get this vehicle for free after you reach Street Cred 40 and complete the Ghost Town mission. Head to the Badlands to find the car in a shipping container inside the tunnel where you fight the Wraiths with Panam.
  • Alvarado V4F 570 Delegate – You can see this car driven by Maxim Kuznetsov for Tanaka. A similar replica is available in the game to buy for $39,000 from Padre in The Glen, Heywood.

These are all of the Edgerunners items that you can get in the game as of Update 1.6. There might be new items introduced to the game in the next update, which we will make sure to cover in case it does happen.

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