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Code Vein Swift Destruction Guide: What is This Passive Gift

by Ginny Woo

For those of us who have been slashing and shooting our way through Code Vein, we’ve definitely picked up a few sacred rules. First and foremost is that you’re gonna live and die by the Blood Code. These are the basis of your combat build since they function the way that classes do in other RPGs, and plenty of Blood Codes allow you to use their skills across others once you master certain gifts that they have. Check out our Code Vein Swift Destruction guide for the lowdown on this gift and why we think it’s so good.

Code Vein Swift Destruction Guide: What is This Passive Gift

If you’re not quite convinced as to the power of the Swift Destruction gift, we’ve got some crunchy numbers here for you to look at and hopefully, you’ll be singing a different tune. This passive gift is pretty darn good on paper for those who value a high-mobility build, and honestly this sort of tactic is increasingly feasible if you’re wanting to get the better of the game’s lethal final bosses. 

Swift Destruction increases the damage that you do based on how mobile you are. If you’re Quick, you’ll have the damage that you deal increased by 20%. This will apply to all types of damage that you’re dishing out, so you get an overall increase in your offensive ability. 

This gift is found in the Hephaestus Blood Code, and you can only acquire this after you’ve defeated the Successor of the Throat. You get it from Murasame, and you’re then going to have to find the respective Vestiges in the Crypt Spire to fully repair this Code and use its gifts to the best of your ability.

Since this is a mobility-based gift, you can probably guess that the Code favors Dexterity weapons; some other gifts in the Hephaestus code include Vanishing Hollow – lets you dodge by becoming mist, and Evasive Snare – dodging attacks creates projectiles that attack your foes. Swift Destruction is definitely the overall winner here in terms of the raw power that it imbues you with if you’re dedicating yourself to a mobility build, which is why we would prioritize restoring its Blood Code as soon as you unlock it.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the Code Vein Swift Destruction gift and how to get it, you too can access the mobility build of your dreams. Need a hand with something else in Code Vein? We’ve got a guide to all the hidden trophies if you fancy hundred-percenting the game.

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