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Code Vein Valuables Exchange Guide

by Ginny Woo

The world of Code Vein is a strange and wondrous one, and you’re not going to be able to navigate it without some assistance from your pals. And by pals, we mean gigantic weapons or useful items.

It’s kill or be killed out here in this Souls-like, so every leg up that you can get on your opponents is worth something. An easy way to get loot in the game is through Trading Points, but acquiring them isn’t as simple as stumbling onto a cache of them every once in a while.

Check out our Code Vein valuables exchange guide to learn how to earn Trading Points.

Code Vein Valuables Exchange Guide: Earning Trading Points

As you may have gathered, one surefire way to earn trading points in Code Vein is to actually make full use of the Valuables Exchange mechanic. Trading points are used to get special items in the game, and you can earn these trading points by turning valuables in to NPCs.

You’ll be able to find these valuables while you’re running around in the overworld, and the key is exchanging the right valuable item with the right NPC to maximize your gain in trading points. Find our growing list of items that you can use in the Code Vein valuables below, including our suggestion on who to give them to.

  • 35mm Reel – Io, Jack, Yakumo
  • Aged Brandy – Jack, Yakumo
  • Antique Coin – Jack
  • Antique LP – Davis
  • Aromatic Herbs – Coco, Mia
  • Blood Bead Candy – Anyone
  • Board Game – Murasame
  • Bottled Jam – Coco, Louis, Mia
  • Boutique Sake – Yakumo
  • Bugarally Doll – Davis, Jack, Murasame, Yakumo
  • Chocolate Garlic Flakes – Coco, Davis
  • Classic Camera – Davis, Jack
  • Curious Novelty – Io
  • Custom Gun Part – Murasame, Yakumo
  • Expensive Cigars – Davis, Jack
  • Faded Comis – Louis
  • Flower Seeds – Eva
  • Fragrant Tea – Mia
  • Local Pennant – Io
  • Organic Soup – Coco, Eva, Io, Mia, Murasame
  • Powerful Spices – Coco
  • Protein Powder – Davis
  • Pungent Cheese – Davis, Jack, Yakumo
  • Retro Game – Murasame
  • Spotless Instrument – Eva, Louis
  • Stuffed Toy – Murasame
  • Sushi Tacos – Coco
  • Tomato Sandwich – Coco, Eva, Io, Louis
  • Undamaged Paint Set – Eva
  • Well Worn Tool – Davis, Murasame
  • Yellowed Book – Louis

Now that you’ve got our Code Vein valuables exchange guide to hand, we’ve taken out all the guesswork when it comes to figuring out which NPC will accept your trinkets in exchange for trading points. As we come across more items in the game, we’ll be sure to update this list for you. Not sure how to send a distress signal in multiplayer? We have a guide for that too.