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Code Vein Good Ending Requirements Guide

by Ginny Woo

Code Vein, being a JRPG, isn’t the kind of title that you can stick on the first playthrough. Predictably, there’s a whole host of different endings that you can get depending on the choices that you made while you were trying to be the best anime vampire that there ever was, so if you’ve hit the end of your bloodsucking adventure and you weren’t satisfied, then we might be able to help with that.

Check out the information that we’ve got on the Code Vein Good Ending requirements so that you don’t step out of line if you want things to end a certain way. Naturally, spoilers are ahead, so proceed with caution. 

Code Vein Good Ending Requirements Guide

The Good Ending in Code Vein is commonly referred to as the Dweller in the Dark Ending. There are other endings, of course:

  • The Heirs Ending
  • The Eternity Ending

The Heirs ending is commonly known as the Bad ending. As part of this, you have to kill every single Successor that you find in the game. This might sound antithetical to how the boss fights work, but essentially what this means is that once you’ve actually downed the boss, you have to abandon the idea of locating their Vestiges and “saving” them.

Kill a boss, and just get lost instead of interacting with their Vestige Memory. The Eternity ending will be triggered as long as you save at least one Successor, which will involve (as we’ve just mentioned), finding the Vestiges for their Blood Code. 

If you’re someone who wants the Code Vein Good ending, then you’re going to have to do the following:

  • You have to find the Vestiges for all the Successors
  • Search the Cathedral of Sacred Blood, City of Falling Flame, Crown of Sand, and Ridge of Frozen Souls for those Vestiges
  • Restore the memories of the Successors
  • Pick up the Eos Vestiges after each Successor battle and also from the Provisional Government Center
  • Give all the Eos Vestiges to Io

Essentially, you’re going to want to be the bigger person here and ensure that you restore the memories of all the fallen Successors if you’re truly wanting to restore the world of Code Vein. Those are really the requirements to get the Code Vein Good Ending, so as long as you follow that list down to the last letter, you’ll be well-sorted. Need a hand with anything else in Code Vein? Check out our guide on finding Queen’s Tungsten.