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Code Vein Queen’s Tungsten Guide – Finding Queen’s Metals

by Ginny Woo

If you’re looking out for materials in Code Vein, it’s likely that you’re on the hunt for ways to upgrade your weapons. Don’t worry, you and every other aspiring hunter out there is going to be in the same boat. While some upgrade materials like Queen’s Iron are about as common as dirt in the world, you’re going to require some fancier components to really get the most mileage out of your stabby and/or shooty things. Check out this Code Vein Queen’s Tungsten guide to figure out where to get this particular material.

Code Vein Queen’s Tungsten Guide – Finding Queen’s Metals

You’ll be able to use a variety of Queen’s Metals to power up your weapons and your Blood Veil over time. However, tracking them down might be the hurdle. As expected, you’re going to unlock them in tiers, so to speak. As you progress in the story in Code Vein, different areas of the in-game world will open up, therefore giving you access to a variety of different crafting materials over time. 

If you’re looking for Queen’s Tungsten, you’re going to have to sit on your hands until you reach the provisional government’s headquarters in the game’s main questline. You’ll be able to pick up Queen’s Tungsten here, though sparingly in the following locations:

  • Provisional Government Outskirts Entrance by a Female Lost Knight on the left of the map
  • Provisional Government Center Entrance after killing the two Lost Knights and Sword-wielding Lost
  • Provisional Government Center Entrance behind a locked door on your left – tackle a nearby Lost Knight, a Sunset Axe-Wielding Lost and a Sunset Bayonet-Wielding Lost to get the material
  • Provisional Government Center Entrance near the top of the map where you’ll dispatch two Lost Knights with bayonets before leaping off a nearby platform by a wall trap to find the material

Alternatively, you could also start tackling Depths maps (we have a guide on how to unlock those too) since you can find Queen’s Tungsten (and Queen’s Titanium) from cracking through high level maps if the overworld and its monsters are feeling a little tedious. You can get this precious metal from the Depths: Zero District and Void District maps

Now that you’ve got our Code Vein Queen’s Tungsten guide to rely on, you should be able to find this material and get into +9 and +10 weapon upgrades as soon as possible to keep the bloodthirsty hordes at bay. Need a hand with something else related to Code Vein? Check out our guide to getting the Black Saber.

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