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Code Vein Multiplayer – How to Send a Distress Signal

by Nicholas Barth

Friday, September 27th saw the highly anticipated game of Code Vein become available for players across the world to enjoy. Code Vein offers the ability for individuals to play with one another thanks to its multiplayer Distress Signal feature. However, there are various details about the Code Vein multiplayer experience players should know about. 

Are you looking for more information regarding how to play with others in the newly released title? If so, be sure to check everything you need to know below. 

Code Vein Multiplayer – How to Send Distress Signal

A summoning system is used to play with fellow players where a player can join the host’s world or multiple players can join to create a team.

Code Vein Multiplayer Distress Signal

These Distress Signals can be sent and answered from the multiplayer tab on the game’s main menu. However, a player can not send out a distress signal if they are in any of the following situations:

  • Playing Offline
  • Are in a Multiplayer Restricted Area
  • In the Middle of a Boss Battle
  • In an Area Where the Boss has been Defeated

A Distress Signal will be canceled if you leave an area where multiplayer is allowed in Code Vein or if your character dies. 

A player will not have the ability to answer a distress signal if any of the following circumstances occur.

  • While playing offline
  • While in a multiplayer-restricted area
  • During a boss battle
  • It is sent from an area not yet reached
  • It is sent from the depth when you are in a normal field
  • It is sent from a normal field while you are in the depth

 Will you be battling against the many foes contained in Code Vein with your friends through the title’s multiplayer Distress Signal feature? Let us know your combat strategy over on Twitter and Facebook!

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