A large part of the anime-coded Code Vein (all puns unintentional) is delving into the game's many subterranean locations in a desperate bid to get some clarity around what on earth is going on. You don't need to absolutely pursue every Dark Depths encounter, but they can reward you with useful resources and provide some challenge if the garden-variety enemies in the overworld just aren't cutting it. Check out our Code Vein Depths Maps locations guide if you're wanting to unlock these additional encounters, and we'll update this list as we play through the game.

Code Vein Depths Maps Locations: Where to Find Dark Depths Maps

As you may have gathered from our little spiel above, the Dark Depths are places that are adjacent to the main story of the game. A little bit like harder dungeons, they're a good place for you to throw yourself if you want a change of scenery. However, because of their difficulty status and the rather ominous nomenclature, you can't just stumble upon one;  you actually have to find a map directing you to one of these cursed places. Here's the list of Depths Maps locations that we're aware of at this point in time:

  • Arachnid Grotto - you have to have gathered intelligence for Gustav and then trotted over to the Ashen Cavern for this map
  • Cliffs of Rust - this is in the Dried-Up Trenches and by the mistle
  • Den of Darkness - this is in the Ruined City Underground.
  • Den of the Dead - this is in the Outer Crossroads in the southernmost part of it.
  • Flood of Impurity - once you activate the first Goddess status in the main story, you'll have the option to go down a ladder that spawns from the status. Ignore it, and instead, make your way to the far end of the cave and go down that ladder there to find the map.
  • Misty Ruins - this is in the Crypt Spire. You'll find a locked door with a lever that doesn't work, but you can path around this obstacle and walk straight until you find the map.
  • Rocky Ruins - this will be in the Natural Cavern Depths after you've assisted the Self-Important Revenant in the location
  • Silent White - find this at the Outer Crossroads in the inventory of a merchant
  • Swirling Floods - find this at the Outer Crossroads in the inventory of a merchant
  • Town of Sacrifice - this is in the Dried-Up Trenches before you begin exploring your surroundings
  • Void District - this is in the Provisional Government Center
  • Zero District - defeat the Reborn Queen Revenant

Now that you've got our Code Vein Depths Maps locations guide on hand, actually cracking into these secret dungeons should become a piece of cake. Check out our Code Vein hub for more information as we keep you updated on what you need to know.