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How to Get Clone Pikachu Photobomb in Pokemon GO

by Nicholas Barth

Clones have invaded Pokemon GO thanks to the mobile game celebrating the new Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution Netflix movie. One of these clones is the Clone of Ash’s Pikachu, and this character is ready to photobomb the photos that you will be taking during the Pokemon Day celebration event that is currently underway in GO. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Clone Pikachu photobomb and how to catch this rare creature. 

Clone Pikachu Photobomb Pokemon GO

Up until March 2nd, Trainers will be able to encounter Clone Pikachu by opening the title’s camera and snapping photos. You will then have a chance to see this version of the iconic character photobomb your image.

This photobomb opportunity is where you will have the ability to catch Clone Pikachu. However, you will have to do it quickly enough with a spare poke ball before the character runs away, and you will have to wait until another one of its photobombs before you have the chance to add this unique character to your team. 

 Clone Pikachu Photobomb Pokemon GO

(photo courtesy of Joe Merrick via Twitter)

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to ensure that this character photobombs your photos. All that you can do is snap away and hope that the cloned version of the electric-type makes his appearance sooner rather than later. 

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