Can You Steal the Warlock Ship in Starfield? – Answered

A big ship, though it might leave you a little disappointed.

Starfield Ship Landing
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While you could purchase your own ship in Starfield and go about your day, stealing a ship can be a much easier way to get what you want. You don’t have to go through hundreds of thousands of Credits and a ton of time to build the ship you want, and can instead just kill some enemies and get in the captain’s chair. One such ship looks like it’d be very useful, but whether you can get it is up for debate. Here’s whether you can steal the Warlock ship in Starfield.

Can You Get the Warlock Ship in Starfield?

The Warlock ship appears during the United Colonies mission The Devils You Know, with you tasked to go after Vae Victis’ former colleague, Reginald Orlase. As you arrive at the Etherea Ruins, you’re forced to engage in battle with him. This leaves two options. You can either blow his ship to bits, or board and deal with him that way. If you choose to board, then he’ll kill himself shortly afterward.

This is where you may be wondering if you can steal the ship for yourself. Sadly, the Warlock is unattainable through normal means. You get an error message when you try and sit down in the Captain’s chair, and that’s about the end of any chance to fly the thing. That is unless you’re playing on PC.


The following method to get the Warlock may disable achievements and could be considered cheating. Use this at your own risk.

If you’re on PC, you’ll want to fly to a major hub and land, then get out of your ship. From here, you want to press the ~ key on the top left of your keyboard and put in the command “trysetplayerhomespaceship 00384811“. After some fiddling around, you’ll be able to select the Warlock from your ships and fly it around. You can also register and sell it for a quick profit, if you don’t feel like flying it.

If you’re looking for more information regarding free ships, check out our guide on all free ships in Starfield.

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