Can You Steal Marco’s Ship in Starfield? – Answered

It's a damn good looking ship, that's for sure.

Starfield Fortuna Interior
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While having a functioning ship in Starfield is important, having a ship that looks beautiful is just as if not more important to some people. You might have high-powered laser weapons that tear through someone’s ship shields like a hot laser through butter, but does it look like a Pelican from the Halo series? I didn’t think so. One such ship that looks incredible shows up during one of the Freestar Collective missions, and you might just want it for yourself. Here’s whether you can steal Marco’s ship in Starfield.

Can You Take Marco’s Ship in Starfield?

Starfield Fortuna
Screenshot by Prima Games

Sadly, it is impossible to steal Marco’s ship, the Fortuna, and claim it as your own in Starfield. As much as it is technically a ship, the game considers it to be a static location merely disguised as a ship. You can also tell with how a ship like that would require a two-story ship module, something not currently available in Starfield. I even tried going back after finishing the On the Run mission (the one needed to find Marco’s ship in the first place) and found all the enemies respawned. While it was a nice chunk of experience, there’s no accessible cockpit.

Can You Get Any of the Ship Parts Used to Make Marco’s Ship?

Unless you’re looking to purely make a replica of the exterior of the ship, it is not possible to get any of the interior ship parts. They are all custom-designed for the mission and aren’t found anywhere else. There are some ship modules that are beautiful, sure, but nothing that’s anywhere near this exotic or clean. There also aren’t turrets, which is only more unfortunate.

While you can’t get Marco’s ship in Starfield, there is value in picking the best parts for your own. To that end, check out our guide on the best reactors in Starfield.

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