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Can You Stack Traits in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Don't waste those trait slots.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Stacking buffs and power is one of the defining features of a good RPG, and it’s one of the best ways that players can make builds within any game that allows it. Hogwarts Legacy has its own buffs that are called traits, but considering how little variety there is in the game, it can be hard to tell if stacking is allowed.

On your traits, you can see the stats that they provide, as well as your overall offense numbers in the equipment screen. However, there are no stats screens that display your specified power with a trait. In our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we’ll set the record straight and go over how these buffs work.

Hogwarts Legacy – Can You Stack Traits?

The short answer is yes, traits can be stacked in your gear so that builds have at least a little bit of diversity. That means you can use all of your slots to really beef up one damage spell if you really wanted to. What you decide to stack is entirely based on your preference for the spells you enjoy.

Keep in mind that traits have a good amount of diversity in Hogwarts Legacy and the buffs you can get have a wide range. Plenty of these buffs are based on defense as well, so if you plan on fighting a ton of Goblins, you best bet may be to stack multiple Goblin defense traits.

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If you still don’t have a lot of buffs to use in Hogwarts Legacy, there are two main ways that traits can be unlocked. The first is to complete dueling feats that provide defensive buffs as rewards. To earn the offense-based traits, take out as many Bandit Camps as you can and loot the main chest for a powerful reward.

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