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Can You Skip Dialogue in Wuthering Waves? – Answered

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Wuthering Waves has officially launched and fans couldn’t be more excited to relish its entire story. But if you’ve participated in closed beta tests or just don’t entirely enjoy sitting through hours of storytelling, you might be a little peeved about Wuthering Waves’ relatively long dialogues. Want to know if you can skip the story? Come and find out.

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How to Skip Story Dialogue in Wuthering Waves

If you’re not entirely enthusiastic about reading dialogues, or maybe you tend to read faster than others, or maybe you’ve already digested most of Wuthering Waves’ story during beta tests, then it’s totally understandable if you want to skip through some parts of the narrative.

You CAN’T skip through some of the major story dialogues or the tutorial, but you CAN skip through most of the less important text later on. When you start playing, you won’t be able to immediately skip through major story dialogues or the actual tutorial. However, once you’ve gotten through the starting quests and entered the city of Huanglong, you should be able to skip through the less important dialogues that you encounter in quests or with characters. For example, interactions with side characters or insignificant quests that lead to bigger missions can be skipped.

To skip through these less important parts on PC, you can just press the spacebar button, the “F” button, or the left mouse button. For mobile, simply tapping on the screen or the dialogue box should do the same. It’s worth noting that although you can’t skip through the tutorial or major story plots, you can cut the voice lines during these dialogues to make the next text prompt appear faster.

You can do this by repeating the same steps mentioned above and you should be able to reduce the time you spend digesting dialogue by interrupting the voice line. This tip works because the text in the dialogue box emerges faster than the actual voiceover and you don’t need to wait for the voice line to finish to move on. You just need to wait for the text to appear to proceed to the next dialogue. Hopefully, this helps you get through the tutorial a little faster and makes skipping dialogue later on easier.

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