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Can you Promote the Thief Class in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

Yeeting Assassin out of existence is certainly a choice

by Lucas White

Fire Emblem is huge on character building. Sometimes in a mean way, like how when characters level up their stats go up randomly. But other times there’s nice ways, like when you get to upgrade a character’s class by promotion. But in Fire Emblem Engage there’s a character you get early on who doesn’t seem to play by the same rules as everyone else. So can the thief class be promoted or not?

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If you’re scrolling through your upgrade options and find yourself confused about what to do with Yunaka, you aren’t missing anything. Yunaka makes a pretty dramatic entrance, and it’s the same within Fire Emblem Engage’s systems. In this game, thief is designated as a “Special” class, which means it operates differently compared to many of the others. So no, the thief does not have access to a promotion class in this game. So what’s so “special” about this class, then?

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Since Thief is a Special class (Dancer is too, by the way), you can actually level up past the usual limit for other classes. Normally there’s a cap at 20, but you can have Yunaka reach all the way to level 40. You can change to an advanced class still with a Second Seal, but thief also learns its skill at level 25. If you keep Yunaka as a thief, she’s totally viable as she’ll continue to get stronger even without the big promotion stat bump.

If you’re dying to change your thief to a different class but want to keep using those sick knives you got, you can give Wolf Knight a whirl. However, the tradeoff there is you’ll lose out on the thief’s Covert ability, which is kind of the secret sauce behind bothering to use knives in the first place. But the nice thing about Fire Emblem Engage is if you aren’t playing on the harder difficulties you can get away with doing whatever you want, really.

Lucas White

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