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Can You Play The Outlast Trials Solo? – Answered

Can you Outlast them alone?

by Nikola L

The Outlast Trials is a multiplayer co-op twist on Outlast, and an interesting one, to say the least. To clear any confusion: it is set in the Outlast universe, but the lore is just something else. The game is imagined as a co-op experience, and you can choose to play as a duo, trio, or quad. Still, many players wonder whether you can play The Outlast Trials solo; here’s what you know.

Can You Play The Outlast Trials Alone?

The great news about The Outlast Trials is that it’s not exclusively a multiplayer title. Sure, it may be more fun and easier to finish the trials with at least one other player on the team. However, you can play all of the Trials in The Outlast Trials alone. Here’s how you can tweak The Outlast Trials to play alone from the start.

How to Play The Outlast Trials Solo

To play The Outlast Trials by yourself, visit the Terminal in the middle of the facility (the way you usually do), and then select the Trial you wish to play, as shown in the first screenshot below. After pressing Select and seeing yourself in the “Lobby” screen, click “Start” in the bottom-left corner of the screen instead of going to the Group Finder.

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What is The Outlast Trials Like in Single Player?

I tried playing alone and would not recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s really hard to outlast by yourself when you are pitted against all of the monstrosities in the Trial. When someone else is with you, they can lead a monster on a Scooby-Doo-like chase while you are tending to the objective.

When playing The Outlast Trials solo, I frequently had to think of techniques to lure the monster away from the objective, while trying to prevent the monster from abandoning the chase while locking all doors behind me as I raced towards the objective. This allowed me to gain extra time to complete the task at hand. It’s even harder when there are three monsters around the objective, so most of the solo trials took me an HOUR to complete, whereas teamwork got them done in 20-30 minutes.

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