Can You Play Monopoly GO On PC?

Want to play Monopoly GO on a bigger screen? See if you can here.

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Sometimes, you want to take your favorite mobile games and play them on a bigger screen, especially if you have a vertical monitor set up. Let’s dive in and see if you can play Monopoly GO on your PC, or if it’s destined to stay on your mobile device.

Is Monopoly GO On Google Play Games for PC?

If you’re looking to download and play Monopoly GO with the Google Play Games option on your PC, you’re out of luck. After looking through the list of available games on the platform, Monopoly GO does not make an appearance. Another Monopoly game, Monopoly Solitare, is available to play for those interested. So, is there any way that you can play Monopoly GO on PC then?

Technically, there are programs that you can use to play Monopoly GO on your home computer, but we don’t recommend using these particular methods. There are a few reasons why, but if the game flags that you’re using non-official Hardware, your account may be banned and your progress will be lost. If you’ve amassed plenty of traded stickers and plenty of cash, it’ll all be gone with no way to restore your account.

So, with some extra research, you may be able to play Monopoly GO on your PC, but we once again recommend against using these particular methods. You may not get caught, but if you do, it’s game over.

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