How To Get More Stickers In Monopoly GO

Share the joy of Stickers with our help.

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Getting your hands on a new Sticker is one of the best feelings in Monopoly GO, but what happens if luck isn’t on your side? Thankfully, there are a few extra ways that you can get your hands on more stickers, and with our help, we’ll help complete those albums.

Where To Get New Stickers In Monopoly GO

The easiest way to ensure that you’re getting stickers is by completing different events and tournaments, where you’re regularly gifted different sticker packs that may grant you new stickers that you do not have yet. However, once you near completion on your albums, the flow of new cards may come to a screeching halt.

Several Facebook Groups, Discord Chats, and even Reddit pages are available for players to utilize, where players will coordinate and swap cards in exchange for other cards or sticker stars. These are the most reliable pages that I have personally found:

These communities do whatever possible to ensure that players don’t get scammed by others with bad intentions, publically shaming them and banning them from the particular boards they have been caught in. I’ve had multiple experiences with each of these boards, and everything has gone rather smoothly, but I cannot guarantee those with bad intentions are not waiting in the shadows.

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